[Music] Option to disable Videos in curated Playlists

Status: Case Closed

Videos are a great media, however they should not be included in curated playlists. It is distracting to listeners that drive with Spotify, or put it on in the background at work. Also, are these videos downloaded when users make a playlist available offline? If yes, this may take up too much space. If no, this will eat data without an option to avoid them.

Updated on 2021-07-13

Hey folks,


Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this idea - We really appreciate it! 


This has been discussed internally multiple times now and while we would like to look into this, it's not currently on our radar.


That doesn't mean the door is completely closed, though. Even in a Closed state we'll still be tracking this idea and its votes.


Should anything change, we will make sure to post an update, but we also want to be transparent about what we are and what we aren't working on.


Thanks for understanding, and please keep those ideas and requests coming! Together we can make Spotify the best it can be.


I agree! As a Spin Instructor it is very distracting & not only that but the timeline keeps disappearing making it very hard to cue the song while I am riding the bike! Please have an option to disable the video but keep the timeline. 


I have reduced the amount of Spotify listening since the video play was added, at this rate I might as well cancel my plan

Please consider and give an option to disable video in the options


I'm having trouble with what ever changed about the codecs with my laptop and the thunderbolt doc which my monitors are connected to. Any time a video pops up in the spotify player, my monitors go dark.


I really do want this feature for all players, but as a mobile user as well i'd rather not incur the extra data for a video i'm not going to watch while streaming from my phone either...


Yeah, this is silly.  I use spotify to listen to music.  I don't want it playing videos on my phone or desktop.  I don't want it playing short clips, I dont want it playing the entire video.  Just PLAY THE SONG.  Put some development time into making the clients not buggy.  How about useful features that dont destroy my experience?  Could we get player controls that dont disable themselves randomly on windows?  How about a mini player? So many useful things you could be doing rather than including video.  Sorry, but man, this makes me saucy.


over 6000 people have voted for this and you guys don't have any plans to add an option to disable it? come on.


a lot of people (like me) are listening in the car. i want to hear music. i don't want to have to mess with my phone to skip through something that isn't music. there are people that want to hear this stuff and that's great, but why no option to disable?


A quick fix, for those who have premium, is to download the playlist and then set it to Offline mode, or turn off the option to use Cellular Data if you are on data.

If you have the integration, once your phone connects back it will post the scrobbles.

There is also some adblocker plugins and modded apps that removes this (these have issues since Spotify ban them).


I DON'T WANT LAZY **bleep** (slow to load) MUSIC VIDEOS.



“While we don't have plans for disabling video content in playlists, we're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.”

wow I can’t believe you hate your customers (paying ones too) so much that you refuse to do one simple thing which is: don’t just randomly shove music videos into someone’s playlist. I love Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” but the music video is way too upsetting to watch— I don’t need visual reminders of homophobia and hate crimes every time I just want to listen to music while at work. More importantly, I use Spotify while driving to work. If a music video randomly pops up instead of the audio-only track, and a cop sees that (or anyone else really), I’m getting pulled over. And no one would believe that I wasn’t trying to be a dangerous driver in that situation. 


Looks like I don’t have plans for renewing my Premium Family membership anytime soon but I’ll mark this as a “good idea” anyway!



We’re still waiting for the option to turn off videos.  We haven’t got the notification yet. You’re still working on getting us that option, right?



How is this not an option yet? I constantly have trouble playing these videos on my phone and then the music just stops playing. Especially annoying when I'm working in the garage or kitchen and my hands are dirty, I'd have to stop what i'm doing, go to my phone and skip to the next song. 


I can understand if you want to force free accounts to hear commercials and interviews, but I have a paid account. Not being interrupted by video interviews and stuff should be an opt-out option!