[Music] Option to disable Videos in curated Playlists

Status: Case Closed

Videos are a great media, however they should not be included in curated playlists. It is distracting to listeners that drive with Spotify, or put it on in the background at work. Also, are these videos downloaded when users make a playlist available offline? If yes, this may take up too much space. If no, this will eat data without an option to avoid them.

Updated on 2021-07-13

Hey folks,


Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this idea - We really appreciate it! 


This has been discussed internally multiple times now and while we would like to look into this, it's not currently on our radar.


That doesn't mean the door is completely closed, though. Even in a Closed state we'll still be tracking this idea and its votes.


Should anything change, we will make sure to post an update, but we also want to be transparent about what we are and what we aren't working on.


Thanks for understanding, and please keep those ideas and requests coming! Together we can make Spotify the best it can be.


Just want to reiterate how annoying this feature is. Currently looking at changing from Spotify.



When the artist talks at the start of the video or in the middle of the song. if i wanted to watch the music video i would go to youtube. so stop making me pay for poor youtube quality music! 


It is indeed very annoying that you can't turn off this feature. I use Spotify routinely to find new music for a radio show, and I have been skipping songs just because a video starts playing. It is a distraction, first of all. I'm paying for Spotify Premium to listen to good quality music, not to watch videos that I could be watching on Youtube. Usually I'm listening via my phone, so the whole video idea seems totally useless. Plus, if I'm on mobile data, I can't to use it anyway, and at home, my wi-fi connection is not the best one. And Spotify for Android seems to have enough problems with stability without videos popping up here and there. Please remove the function or build a switch to turn it off!


I would like this option as well. Plus, there are some videos that aren't explicit, but aren't necissarily work appropriate either. This needs to be an option or just an option in general for a device or account.


Please remove them completely, including in the desktop app. I'd like to keep my valuable bandwidth unalduterated while I'm working and want to just listen to music.


these annoying videos will cause accidents.


I don’t believe you Spotify. Your default forced video feature will cause car accidents.

This is not an appropriate place to advertise your playlist

PLEASE do not force me to watch a vid!!!!


Please enable us to turn off the videos. If the videos are vital and/or important to the company, I understand making them default to playing. However, having no option to stop them playing is very frustrating. I have canceled my premium in the past due to "spotify" playlists having videos. I have come back due to several user-created playlists that were once video free, now they are also playing videos. 

Why must we as users, even premium users have to listen to unwanted videos?