[Music] Remastered Albums: Link to original Album

Please add a link to the original album. Not everyone wants to hear the efforts of your unsympathetic engineers, some of these "Remastered" albums do not sound anywhere near as good as the original.

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I agree. Especially with the beatles albums, George martin was coined "the fifth beatle" and whoever coined him that were right. The originals are so much fuller, much better.


Remastered = bull**bleep**. I want to listen the original albums without any modification. It isn't just the soundtracks but some good memories connected to them.  Listening remastered ones makes me angree. Should I start listening mp3 again? It looks like....

Casual Listener

Please offer both. 


I've noticed Spotify pulling down the originals as the remaster is offered. Could you leave both up?

I'd always prefer to here the original version that I know and love. Removing these is re-writing history. 



Casual Listener

Every album has the either  remastered or  deluxe remastered behind it.

Firstly I don't believe it and secondly I want the originals because a lot of them sound like complete F+U+C*%K^I*N+G   $H!T

For 90% of the music here the classic status is one that was deserved when music mattered over style and hype. these albums  got their status over the sound and the music on them.  Let us keep that.


Casual Listener

Yes I agree with all of the above! I want to listen to the original album as intended by the artist. I think offering both original and remastered/deluxe should be the best way to solve this, then we can choose!


I also use Spotify with my Last.fm account, and having (Remastered) or (Deluxe Edition) after the album's name is really frustrating!

Gig Goer

Please offer the original versions of albums as well, all too often the remasters just screw up the sound to make them "louder".


There ARE good remasters out there (Steven Wilson's remaster of Jethro Tull's catalogue, for instance), but they're few and far between.

Casual Listener

Agree as well - there's virtually nothing original left out there - I want to hear the album as it was released with the specific song pattern of the time.


if you have to offer the remaster - please leave the original as an option!! 


Couldn't agree more.

Casual Listener

Another +1. Remasters often sound different and also are often a victim of the loudness war. Another thing is that I often want to listen to only to the songs on the original albums, not all of those demo/live additions.

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