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Not sure if this has been mention or discussed. I wondered if spotify ever plans to incorporate music videos into the application. It would be cool users could choose to watch the music video associated with the song.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Possibility to buy an extra access for the nights party or so on there u can play up belonging music videos to our ordinary playlist.

The access my be for only 24h or an option how give u alltime access.


A music service like spotify was a great move forward and I am wondering when music videos will be provided in the same way.

These days my TV sets throughout the house are all linked and will play videos and feeds. I often use my iphone to play you tube videos and video playlists on all the sets and would like to see spotify take this jump into the future.

Gig Goer

music videos would most likley come from either youtube or another video hosting website, there would be an issue around contracts, lisencing agreaments, permishion to host spotify on youtube and the other websites, it would be a huge nightmare on boud rock (ever seen fantasia ?), so I doubt weather it is a fessable suggestion, but I love the sound of it, and I hope they manige to sort it out.


It would be awesome if the video's also could be played on a second screen.


What if you could pay for a more expensive spotify premium and get to see the music video for the song as you listen to it? 


I think it would be a cool idea to have like a vevo App like the tunewiki app that allows you to see the music videos of the songs as it goes through your playlist. You guys should really think about doing this, it would be a great implement

I totally agree. I was sitting in the bus today, listening to the new album by muse, when i found myself staring at the album cover for some time. Being a New media stategist and filmmaker, i found myself realising this is à missed opportunity. Nobody watches MTV anymore, because we are mobile. Hell we don't even have a music television channel in the Netherlands anymore. But sitting in the bus, waiting for the train or a plane are perfect moment to also add video to the music we listen to. Its à lot better then checking your Facebook 3 times. Furthermore it would give artist the possibilty to show themselves as performers. Even more so it would bring back the music video and would give à huge worldwide impuls to filmmakers. IIt could get very creative. For the technical implications, i think they are solveble. You don't need YouTube, artist just upload the video, as they do with their music. You can take win à lot of viewers from youtube. Music video are still the highest scoring video on that platform. So à budinessmodel based on advertisement or paid subscription is around the corner. And no need to worry about bandwith, an one to two we'll al be connecting to 4g, with speeds up to 100mbs. So pro's all the way. This way spotify could give an impuls to creative filmmaking, like electricty was for music in 60's. Please do consider! Peter

can i ask... is anyone from spotify actually going to read and reply to any of these comments, we pay from premium surely it wouldn't be hard for you guys to link in video where possible.Music channels are great, but to pick your own and watch as yuo listen would just be awesome.


i'm sure if a small cost was added we would Pay


I would so love to use this in my uber for my customers to use


so, thanks to Microsoft giving up on it's Groove service, I've been bumped over to Spotify.  This was actually something that Groove offered.  I could turn it off and on depending on the device I was listening to and the connection I had.  It was great, though there were song that I knew have videos that never popped up on Groove.