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Not sure if this has been mention or discussed. I wondered if spotify ever plans to incorporate music videos into the application. It would be cool users could choose to watch the music video associated with the song.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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It's been 2 years since the last update. Are music videos on the way?

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YouTube Red is where I am switching to (When Microsoft cancels Groove). I can get google music and YouTube Red for the same price as spotify. Sad you guys have been asking for 2 years for this. Apple has quite a few music videos but not enough for the parties and events I host.


This is the end of a long series of let-downs by Microsoft... I loved the Zune service and hardware and was looking forward to them incorporating it into Windows media center and streaming to Xbox 360... then they killed all of those products without an equal successor.  The groove service was comparatively terrible at first, but in the last 6 months it finally came together!!!  I used to use my local collection of music and play home photos via Windows media center on my main TV, or media center streamed through Xbox 360... then with album art and automatic music video library playback, using Groove on my Xbox One became the de-facto way to play music in our house...  PLEASE make the Xbox One app do things such as play album art, play photos from a local or cloud folder, and play music videos from playlist songs... I will be loyal thereafter.... but skeptical until then. PLEASE make it at least as good as Groove was in the end.

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Oh man! Please do it right now!



since a lot of us are migrating from Groove-Music to Spotify, maybe you can get back to this idea and hopefully you will implement this soon :)




I would so love to use this in my uber for my customers to use


so, thanks to Microsoft giving up on it's Groove service, I've been bumped over to Spotify.  This was actually something that Groove offered.  I could turn it off and on depending on the device I was listening to and the connection I had.  It was great, though there were song that I knew have videos that never popped up on Groove.  


Groove transferees will be rightly upset that this does not have higher priority. Not video for every song in the playlist just where that song has a video available. No subscription from me unti this is in place. Why should I pay more for less?

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Also, it would be awesome to have past concerts or streamings of live concerts available with the video platform. 

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Especially when I "watch" Spotify on my TV through Chromecast it's really disappointing to see cover art instead of music videos.