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Not sure if this has been mention or discussed. I wondered if spotify ever plans to incorporate music videos into the application. It would be cool users could choose to watch the music video associated with the song.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Yes. Please include in premium account. MTV was kickstarting musicvideos, youtube made em free, Spotify turns the game, sprints from youtube and makes it serious.

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i'm really missing this feature! Wouldn't a Youtube Integration possible?

can i ask... is anyone from spotify actually going to read and reply to any of these comments, we pay from premium surely it wouldn't be hard for you guys to link in video where possible.Music channels are great, but to pick your own and watch as yuo listen would just be awesome.


i'm sure if a small cost was added we would Pay


Synchronizing spotify music with embedded youtube video is what I want.


the video feature would be awesome~ There is a service called "Utubify" which converts your Spotify playlist to Youtube playlist, i wonder why it is not included in the Spotify app?

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Music videos in Spotify! I recently subscribed to Premium and find myself missing the YouTube playback.


This is a perfect example of how licensing, copyrights damage and stands in the way of progress. Its very sad really, playing video in Spotify could be free for premium users who are already paying a good bit of money for the service recieved.


What in reality stops ideas like these to flourish are fat corporate bozos, who seem hellbent on making humanity crawl back and live in caves again with the excuse that they are "protecting their investment". Obviously they have no idea what they are doing or how to increase product value.


Awesome idea! I thought also

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Fully agree. Like to see music videos as well read the lyrics.





Why don't you just use Projectify?