[Music] Wish Box for missing Tracks & Artists

Could it be good idea to add a wish box or a button somewhere in Spotify so every time I don't find some record from Spotify I could easily add it to the wish box. Maybe a button next to the search box so after a failed search just clicking the wish box button. Afterwards the Spotify staff and record companies (and users) could see which records are most wanted and use that information for getting the records to the Spotify.

Updated on 2021-07-16

 Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community and adding your vote to this idea!


As availability of music and podcasts on Spotify is the product of continuous negotiations with multiple parties, such as creators, distributors and rights holders, we're not able to influence availability of content that isn't produced by us.  


Rest assured, we're working on constantly expanding on catalogue, so just because something isn't available right now, doesn't mean that it won't be in the future.


If we do have any new info to share, we'll make sure to check back in here with a new status.


Thanks for understanding! 


I agree, I miss this feature a lot. Many songs I like are not in Spotify. It would be nice if we could request them.


To add to the original idea -- there are probably databases out there such as grace notes (http://www.gracenote.com/). Even if spotify doesn't have the song or album you are looking for it should be able to pull it up from a more "universal" database such as that -- grayed out (much like it does for restricted tracks). Then you can click a "request this album" button. That way you know you haven't just created an album that doesn't exist and spotify will know what album you are actually looking for (many times there are different versions of a single track or album). Finally, given that you are going to be logged into spotify it should notify you when that album has "arrived".


Note that even if the album was only allow to be played by paying customers, that would still allow those of us that have purchased the service to listen to the music we love. I must say, paying for a service that doesn't have tracks that you can find (illegally) on youtube for free isn't very encouraging. I like to do the right thing to support the artists I like - but the inconvenience of needing to use youtube to listen to missing songs makes me unhappy.


Anyways, I would really enjoy this feature and would love to see it created well!


It would be great that in case there are songs which are not available in Spotify yet, you could assign the search term (song, artist or both) to some sort of wishlist that alerts you when it's available.


Have you seen freshspotify.com? Gives you alerts based on Artists but not songs but still pretty useful

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Absolutely agree.  I have about 90 GB's on hard drive space being used up for MP3's, that I've been trying to make even smaller, by removing the tracks that Spotify already has.  If there were alerts like this, it would probably help me (and other Spotify members) to free up dozens of GB's of space on our hard drives....

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Status changed to: Not Right Now


Hello folks,


We really understand the reason why you´d all want this built...it would be actually great to be able to request the music content.

As all of you know, we aim to have all the world’s music available at Spotify. We are still in the process of acquiring licenses to all music in the world, so that´s why you are not able to find some of your favorite artists or tracks right now.

Therefore, since there are a lot of licensing matters in order to get the content from the right holders, we are going to mark this idea as "Not right now".We are trying and signing new labels, adding a great amount of new tracks every week.

We might come back to this at some point in the future since we actually know this idea is quite popular.


Thanks a lot for your contribution, we really appreciate your feedback. 😉

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Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

What about limiting this feature to only labels and artists Spotify already has content for? Sure, Spotify is adding new content at a decent rate, but in some cases the prioritization appears... spotty. A reason for the content not being there (like "adding it soon" or "withheld by rights holder") would at least explain why the content isn't there.


For example, most of Green Day's catalogue is on Spotify, including their latest "¡UNO!" from Reprise. However "American Idiot" (which went 5 x Platinum) is also with Reprise, and isn't on Spotify. It looks random, and it's quite irritating not to know why and also not to be able to request it.

yes. spotify is missing to many good songs. and there is a lot of songs that are on there that are either kareoke or live versions. wish you were here - pink floyd. another brick in the wall part 1 & 2 - pink floyd. (NOT THE LIVE VERSIONS). and so many more grouse songs.

Yes this would  be very nice