[Music] Wish Box for missing Tracks & Artists

Could it be good idea to add a wish box or a button somewhere in Spotify so every time I don't find some record from Spotify I could easily add it to the wish box. Maybe a button next to the search box so after a failed search just clicking the wish box button. Afterwards the Spotify staff and record companies (and users) could see which records are most wanted and use that information for getting the records to the Spotify.

Updated on 2021-07-16

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As availability of music and podcasts on Spotify is the product of continuous negotiations with multiple parties, such as creators, distributors and rights holders, we're not able to influence availability of content that isn't produced by us.  


Rest assured, we're working on constantly expanding on catalogue, so just because something isn't available right now, doesn't mean that it won't be in the future.


If we do have any new info to share, we'll make sure to check back in here with a new status.


Thanks for understanding! 


There should be feature to request an album / song that is not available on spotify. If the album seems popular (with a large number of requests), may be you can do something about it to make it available.




missing a whole lot of songs Cat Surprised


Yeah Rdio has a google docs request form you can fill out.  Surprised Spotify doesn't have something similar.

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MOG also has a pretty effective method for allowing requests as well as giving feedback as to when albums in question might be available. I just switched from MOG to Spotify, and there are a lot of albums that I'm confused about not being available through Spotify seeing as how MOG and Rdio both carry a number of these missing albums.

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Hey Spotify,


it would be awesome to have a Wishlist feature. In case that a song was not found by the Spotify search, it would be great to add it to a wishlist. In this personal wishlist, the songs get highlighted as soon as they are available on Spotify. Optimally, it would be great to receive a message if songs from the personal wishlist are now available.


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This THE most important thing that your German competitor SIMFY does better, please implement! Also please add a voting system where spotify users can give kudos for higher priority of adding a track/artist...

Agree this would be a great feature!


This feature is very much needed there is so many artists I know who spotify doesn't have yet.

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I think there could be two ways this could happen. A "Google Alerts" style thing that gives you updates that anything related to your wishlist shows up, or an artist subscription system that updates your on artists.


However, there might some flaws too. With the former, you might get some results that half match your wishlist. So, for example, if you're awaiting "In Nothing We Trust" by the band "Reuben", then you might get updates for artists with the name Reuben in (there's rather a few to choose from). Anything that uses the words (or parts of the words) "In Nothing We Trust" would also show up too, so some of these results would be unrelated. 


With the latter, it might involve at least the metadata of some artists that may not have any releases on Spotify yet, although our link with Gracenote might share some of that load. 


I do like the idea though - I could enter in a load of names of bands I like and get informed anytime something matching appears. Let's keep feedback coming on this. 


I never thought of  something like this.

Now that I red this text, I'm starting to miss it. It's a realy nice one.


@David: They way you think of realising this feature sounds really cool.