Music detection and recognition

Would be great to have a "shazam" capability built into spotify.


would save having to run shazam, do detection, then go into spotify, find the name of the song, and then finally play it

Updated: 2015-11-17

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I'd like to know when Soundhound integration comes to Switzerland...

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That is a great idea~

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So many times I wish I could "shazam" a song to listen to or add to a playlist on the go but it's just too cumbersome. It would be great if this were built in in a wy that recognizes the song and takes you to that albums page and maybe plays the song. Maybe its a glorified search option initially but itd be a great addition!


I can't believe that you're going to wait for 100 kudos to do something rhapsody has been doing for years...  Whoever is delaying this gets a -100 kudos from me right off the bat!  I came from Rhapsody and was quite disappointed that I had to sacrifice this kick a** feature!  The Rhapsody app was giving me issues on my S5 so I decided to check out Spotify.  I like Spotify but if you guys are going to lag behind on features like this I’ll be a bit easier to lure away!



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Just take a look on the solution of another streaming service (you'll find it;): No Integration of Shazaam or soundhound, just an own music detection integrated. What are you waiting for? Do you want to wait until a lot of people recognize it and change their musicstreming service?

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Amazing idea

I've been using Spotify heavily for the past month or so. This is one feature I've constantly been coming back to. It's such a long process. It would practically erradicate Shazam for me. 

I do recognize a problem with this, however. Since Spotify has a limited database of music (The Beatles and Tool, for example, are not licensed) you wouldn't be able to get to all the songs you want. So you could Shazam a Beatles song (audio n00b) but Spotify would get you the closest match (terrible karaoke cover) or nothing at all. 


So while Shazam can identify a song and link OUT to it, wherever it is sold/available, Spotify cannot because it would only loop back to Spotify. Unless they want to strike up agreements to link out like Shazam does, except that would be counter-intuitive to their product, because well... Spotify wants you to use Spotify. 

Maybe some day...

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To the guy above, this shouldn't be a problem. Spotify's database is only getting bigger and bigger. Like another guy said above, there is another similar service *cough* google's *cough* which has such a functionality, it automatically saves a list from the songs you detected and when you click them it takes you to the store. A simple spotify widget with that functionality would be perfect 🙂


Yes please!