[Music] "Smart" Shuffle: Remember played Songs between Sessions

Okay, so there is a lot of discussion about the Shuffle function in spotify, and personally I haven't noticed it repeating the same song while on continuous listening session, BUT if I for example listen a playlist from my phone before class, then stop listening during the class, and start again after the class, I usually get many of the same songs I heard while listening the playlist before class.


So basically spotify resets the shuffle between listening sessions (which is quite logical). But with just a small change this could be dealt with, and also the issue that it sometimes plays the same song in single listening session would be fixed.


My idea is another shuffle function alongside normal shuffle (or replacing the old), which could be called "Smart Shuffle" or something like that. What it does, is it creates a single boolean value (True/False) in the songs metafile (same place where spotify stores the date it was added to the playlist). At start, the value is False in everywhere, as in "Not Played". When the Smart Shuffle starts and has played a track, it changes the value to True as in "Is Played". This way a new smart shuffle between sessions can ignore the already heard tracks and shuffle unheard ones. Then of course there has to be a "reset" button that resets the playlists song values to False again, if the user want's to reset the smart shuffle and start fresh.


This isn't too hard to code in and it would fix the problems with current shuffle. I'd do it myself if Spotify supported this type of plugins ^_^ (Don't know if it does, haven't really looked into it that much, but I doubt it)


Hopefully I explained this in understandable manner!


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This would be amazing, I have all of my music in one huge playlist and sometimes I feel like I only hear 1/3rd of what's in there!!
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@limbo365 Same here. I also usually end up adding duplicate songs in a playlist because I forgot it was already there because the shuffle has never played it :S This would be super-simple fix to that and everyone would be happy ^^




I came here just to talk about the same. Other idea is what apple player does, create a new temp reproduction list with all the songs placed in random order, so it just start playing on track 1 and finish in the last one.


And one more would be allow a random order of the tracks in the same playlist. So in that way instead of sort by date added, artist name, etc we could generate a random order for our tracks (winamo allowed that).


I find this feature basic, as random reset, after around 30 minutes, is hell for lists of 100 or less songs.




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This idea requests to have a 2nd shuffle function that remembers which songs have been played in shuffle from a playlist, even when you've closed the app in the meantime.


yes shuffle is really bad radio too


I would love this! it would be awesome to toggle it on and off too. Kind of like the repeat feature cycles through repeat all, repeat one, and repeat off, it would be nice to have a shuffle regular, smart shuffle, then shuffle off setting. If this were implemented in the radio stations too. A lot of times the radio stations I here every day are the same 30 songs over and over.


Please Spotify tech guys, figure out your Shuffle especially for mobile app. I had to cut expenses and go from premium down to limited. Really fustrated with a playlist of over 300 songs and hearing the same ones over and over again. Also considering Amazon music since I already have Prime membership for other benefits.


Keep a customer by fixing the shuffle!!! Soon!!




How has this not been fixed yet? This is simple coding and would take less than a day to implement! I recently went on a ski trip and literally wanted to throw my phone off the lift becuase the shuffling algorithm spotify uses is complete crap, i literally never heard some songs while i was skiing and would hear others every other time! Please make this a focus! This should have been implemented in the start, not later! Please fix this soon!


I thought I experienced this function when you click shuffle on top of your playlist, instead of play.

But on my desktop, I do not have that option.

What is the status with this, and why is no one from Spotify responding to any of this?


PLEASE SPOTIFY I NEED THE SMART SHUFFLE!, it is such a simple ideia!