Navigation with Tabs (like in Browsers)

I often forget that I'm not in my browser, so I expect "Ctrl+click" on "items" to open in a new tab...

But there is no tabs...


An "Open in a new tab" contextmenu option should also be available.



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When I search for songs/artists I usually miss some tabs, its unconfortable to go back everytime you want a new song/artist and have to delete the previous search


Hey guys,


I'm really enjoying spotify. But the more I get into it, the more I try to explore new music and playlists I'm missing the feature to open a playlist/album/artist etc. in a new Tab. This would make exploring music very easy, and even combining Playlists would be improved.


I hope you guys like the idea 🙂

Have a good one 😛


This idea was originally suggested 'over 3 years ago' according to the gersatisfaction forum.


Since then you also now have your apps. Having (for example) an app in one tab, the queue in another, and 2-3 artist pages would make for a much better experience.


It's pretty standard UX design!


It would be easier!


Previous/next is good but not enough




This would indeed be awesome!  I find the UI to be cumbersome at times, and Tabs would certainly make it easier...


I completely agree


Definitely agree I was thinking exactly the same thing myself!


no, it doesn't


Keep it clean, guys


Hi, I was wondering if you could incorporate a tab system like today's browsers: opera, google chrome, firefox, etc. That way customizing playlists is easiest and for me multiple relating artists are open in one window.

Casual Listener

You should be able to open new Tabs in Spotify. Cause I often see a awesome Artist but i wont close the actual playlist.