Need a button "Songs of chosen artist" in random order

I really like the already existing "Künstler-Radio starten" ("start artist radio" ?) button to play songs of artists of the same music genre like the chosen one, in random order !!!


I miss a button that plays all songs of the just one and only chosen artist in random order.


Im am also missing a "New Wave" Genre Button !


Keep it up spotify this is a really great platform ! 


Looking at the comment, I think we can close this now. 😉
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Well I think you can do that already. Click on the artist link -> you'll enter the artist view with all albums listed.

If you use the shuffle function, songs are randomly played from the whole artist's catalogue.

Shuffle function is at the bottom right corner of your player.

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Yes, you are right !!!

Thank you fpr that great tip !!!

This makes Spotify even more attractive for me !!!


I saw this buutton before, but I thought it would only play marked songs randomly.

In fact it is playing the hole catalogue - Great !!!

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Status changed to: Case Closed

Looking at the comment, I think we can close this now. 😉