New Artist Page Layout/Back to the Old one

This is less of an idea and more of an "I liked it how it was before"


1.) When you click on an Artist's page, it now takes you to their page with a super white background (used to be the dark grey like everything else which was awesome).


2.) On the Artist's page, it categorizes all of their songs by Albums which was how it was done before but now the Album art is massive and takes up half of the page and you can barely read the full title of a song sometimes. This can get especially annoying when you're listening to an Artist and all the of their albums have provocative art, and since I listen to spotify 8 hours a day at work, this new "layout" of larger album covers has caused me to continually click the back and forward buttons every time I want to change a song to prevent it from showing the provocative image at work.


3.) The next thing I noticed that changed also when you are on an Artist's page is when you try to drag and drop a song into a playlist... you can't. You now have to click on the album the song is in; taking you to a new page, then you can now drag and drop the song into the playlist. Then you have to go back to the artist's page to continue browsing songs. 


4.) Finally, I'm not sure if this was ever present but on the Artist's page there are no "Details" tabs. This would be nice if you could sort all of the tracks by that Artist based on popularity or song name.



*Too long didn't read*

1.) Change the Artists page background color back to the aesthetically pleasing dark grey. 

2.) Make the album art on Artists pages much smaller or able to turn off completely.

3.) Change it back to allow the drag and drop function available on the Artists' page.

4.) Sortable "Details" Tabs (Artist, Time, Popularity) on Artist's page


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Yeah I noticed that too, Kudos!


One problem is also that you can't see the whole song name on the artist page if the song name is long. Of course you can see it rolling in the left corner if you play it or if you add it to your favorites but that's just retarded.

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Agree! Although for me it's just because of the first point that you mentioned.. the colors.

I just prefer dark skins and all those new web-based elements are so bright, meh. Maybe I just need to get used to it. 😉


About the other points:

2) Hmm, I kinda like big album arts and never really came across a song that hasn't fit in the line yet. Maybe I'm just not listening to "feat. blabla" or classic songs where this could be a real problem.

3) That seems to be kinda bugged indeed. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't. Draggin an album title always works for me though, strange.

4) Was never here to begin with but might be an interesting feature! 😉



The new layout feels too big and bulky. One of Spotify's greatest qualities was that it was sleek, compact, and user-friendly. Now, the process of dropping and dragging music into a playlist is cumbersome. The top third of the screen is dedicated to the follow, share, and radio buttons, and half is taken by top tracks. Even if they shrunk the layout by 80 to 90%, it would be better.


Another issue is the disabling of the Ctr+F function. I use to use this all the time to search for specific songs by artists.



I hate the new "design". Mainly the white background is what bugs me. Change it back please, or feature an option to have the user be able to set a dark background again. It now feels like Spotify has an iTunes complex - where it used to hold its own. I have a huge screen and the Spotify window lits up the entire room. Not very peaceful, when you want to close your eyes and listen to music - or romantic, when you want to make love to your girlfriend to sexy music and candle lights. It ruins the mood - where Spotify used to set it! Daniel Ek, you might want to consider handing out some pink slips in your design department. Frankly // Frank, Sweden

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Made same suggestion yesterday when my app downloaded and installed the new one. White is so bright and hideous, why would they ever change it?


I have had Spotify for over 2 years now as a Premium member, I can't believe they would make such a useless change.

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If we just had the option to use Customized skins it would be easier to deal with the new white background at least... because that light color is what's bugging me the most too.

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I came here just to join the campaign for this.  The minute I saw the awful, glaringly white and bloated artist page design in the update I thought "surely everyone will hate that as much as I do".  Seems I was right.


Please put it back.

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I don't really agree with the sentiment that the old way is always better, designs need to be updated from time to time. 

But surely functionality should be fully addressed before fixing the part of Spotify which was actually working really well.


Perhaps Spotify should spend a bit of time fixing their widespread problem of artist confusion, or at least give users the tools to help fix it. There is much more which could be done for playlist managment, sorting, searching. 


Hopefully this is a beta bug, but it seems the new design has actually introduced more broken functionality - the filter doesn't work on artist or album views! 



Yes the new bulky bubbly WHITE page is QUITE UNCOMFORTABLE.


The dark background/previous format is so streamlined and kind on the eyes. (or at least my eyes.)

A choice would be wonderful, so those that love either can continue to use it.


I am also uncomfortable with having to 'follow' my friends specifically,

nor do I like that their 'page' is in the same format as a music or band page.


I preferred to anonymously watch any  friends and aquaintances listening to music - it allowed for more random discovery.


I rave about spotify to my friends. I use it daily. I am pleased with the paid service, but this new look makes me cringe!