New menu to listed under 'Overview'

Anyone who has scrolled through an artists' page containing podcasts knows how difficult it can be to find an actual album. Basically the albums get lost, and it can also take forever to scroll down to the Singles etc. Have a look at Armin Van Burren's or Paul Van Dyk's page for reference.


Below the Overview tabbed menu, there needs to be a new category menu with the following menu items:


All | Albums | Singles | Compilations | Appears On | Podcasts


This menu would essentially act as a filter to help users find what they're interested in. Alternatively it could be a dropdown list, and not another menu which may potentially clutter up the design.


Idea attached, cheers.


Hello and thanks for your feedback!

A similar idea has also been suggested here:

Add your kudos and comments there please! 😉

Status: Duplicate