Next/Last Track Control with volume buttons

I'd like to see that one can change the track with a long press on the volume button for mobile apps.


So e.g. long press on volume up would be the next track, long press on volume down would be start current track again, another long press on volume down would be the previous track.


Thanks for considering!

Updated: 2015-11-17

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Some android custom ROMs have this built in...

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Yea CM10 for example, and since I've got it - I don't wana miss it anymore. 🙂

Should really be default option in the Spotify app, so everyone can enjoy it!

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please Should really be default option in the Spotify app...


I had this function on my custom rom on my SGS3 with Cyanogen mod cm10.1 with Android 4.2.2, until one day about a few weeks back.
For whatever reason, this function was disabled, aswell as the notification bar "rom built in quick buttons" were I also had forward, play/pause, next and they were also disabled at the same time. I really wish that this support is being added again, as there is many great notification bar button apps out there that rely on this.

I also had such an app that Spotify stopped responding to aswell some months ago.


I wonder if Android sees Spotify as a music player or just an ordinary app?


This would be incredibly useful to use with bluetooth receivers that are not compatible with the current android AVRCP version. I'd really love to have it!!!


I would also like to add to alow the power button to play/pause the music. I understand it can be harder to implement since that button has existing functionality which is hard to work around. But it will also be useful since it simplifies switching songs without having to activate the screen or unlock the device or especially if one must first enter a pin to do so. It'll be very handy while driving for those who don't have a car cradle/dock.


However, I think it's better if we can skip tracks by double pressing and volume change by long presses.

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This is a dealbreaker for me, if it doesnt come in before my premium trial runs out ill probably cancel and go back to poweramp and local files until its added, I dont like having to take my phone out and unlock it just to skip track when im walking
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I don't think it's possible for apps to listen to volume control button presses, especially if the device is in sleep mode.

Liam : I dont think you know what you're talking about ...

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