Number of Offline Tracks (left)

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Because of the 3,333 limit on tracks downloaded to a device for offline listening, it would be very handy to have a count number displayed for those tracks, so one could see how many spots are left availabe (if any)

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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I'd love to know... thus my stumbling upon this post. Why isn't this easy??

This is for sure a great idea


Having the limit is frustrating enough in the first place, but not knowing if you are close to reaching it is completely ridiculous.  There must be a count so Spotify can see when we reach the tiny limit they have set us.  Making this count visible should be quite simple no?


Yes.... surely 20minutes work and a quite unobtrusive feature to add to the app?

It is bizarre that there is no way to view the number of songs downloaded.

This is an idea that Spotify programmers can EASILY implement. 


I hope Spotify would add this idea in their next update.


I am currently hitting my 3,333 song limit.  I am often in areas with no service (underground) or in remote areas that cannot steam. Also, saving data is something spotify needs to be aware of that people are trying to do nowadays.


This limit is artifical and akin to owning a (twelve) 12 GB ipod (no that wasn't a thing).  No other service implements this limit and we are starting to hit a tipping point that spotify will lose subscribers as net neutrality and data caps win out.


Since neither duplicates in or between playlists nor local files are counted towards the download quota, I'd like to argue that the interesting number of "offline tracks" to see in the device app is the total number of unique Spotify tracks that are currently downloaded to that specific device (or how many there are left within the 3 333 quota), regardless if it's in Your Music or in one or several playlists.

Yes, it would be very helpful to get a total of all downloaded playlists.

This eliminates the pocket calculator.....

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