OPEN UP YOUR API (for other platforms)

Seriously, Spotify. I speak on behalf of Sonos and other 3rd party customers who cannot access the music we've paid for through Radio and other features, simply because you haven't opened up your API. If you are going to be a company that provides content, embrace an accessible API and act like it. There is an ever growing list of alternative music services out there and your customers will go somewhere else, myself included.

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated: 2017-02-19


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Marked as new idea and changed "(ex: Radio on Sonos)" to "(other platforms)" in the title, to not make this topic another Radio for Sonos request, which can be found already here. This idea requests to open up the Spotify API in general, in order to integrate or improve the current app on other platforms! 😉
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@Premify I understand why you changed it, but for the average commenter on here, they may not know why radio on Sonos can't currently happen which is why I included "ex: Radio on Sonos" as an example in the title. Those that kudos will mostly do it because they know the crux of the issue and are informed on the problem, but this is a solution that would resolve a great many issues on this forum.
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Have you seen this site?

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@krikelin Yes. I know the developer website exists, but that doesn't really have anything to do with my post. Sonos, being my biggest example, and other 3rd party companies argue that they can't integrate many Spotify features in their products because the developer API doesn't allow for it. The API Spotify gives their developers needs to be more open. That being said, I'm not a developer, but apparently because I am a customer who wants to play spotify radio on my sonos speakers, I have to go to sites like this and battle with the Sonos-said/Spotify-said game because both companies can't talk to each other work together in their customers interest.
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I see I just posted a comment about lack of radio on devices like Sonos or Roku in the worng spot.  Here seems most approprate.  After going to a lot of time and expense to purchase devices that would access Spotify Premium, I am more than just a little annoyed that you can't access the radio feature.  Pandora would have been a better bet.  It's going to be one or the other on my device - I'm not paying for both, and I'm really changing my mind about Spotify now.

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Definitely would love to see a web-based API for user operations, like playlist creation and editing. Rdio and Beats both have a very simple HTTP API for doing this stuff. 


Spotify's current web API is great for Search, but you can't do any authenticated operations. The current API Framework is too complicated for a Caveman Web Developer like me. 🙂

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please make this happen !


Seriously guys, if you don't do this you're going to loose lots of subscribers.


I for instance will be cancelling my subscription because google music lets me use their 'radio' function on sonos throughout the house. The catalog isn't as good but that's less important - you could have all the music in the world but you don't give me a convienient way to discover it so I'm off.

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Spotify definitely needs an open API which includes everything the native desktop clients can do. Especially for premium subscriptions!