OSX Full Screen Keyboard Shortcut

Virtually all OSX applications have a common keyboard shortcut for Full Screen View: 


   Control - Command - F


Currently I have to use the mouse everytime I want to expand to Full Screen, and this would be very convenient.  And make it feel more like Mac software and less of an exception to the rule.




Updated: 2015-03-30

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+ 1 on this. 


I also like when my start apps open straight in full screen. The new design, although quite cool, requires to "click" on the right corner like we used to do in the 2000's. Come on...


+1. Bit of an oversight really - if you're gonna implement a system function, you should do so fully.



Lacking support of full screen function key makes me frustrated.


+1. This is the extremely annoying. 


Found a solution on apple.stackexchange. Just dump "Lauri Ranta"'s code into an applescript and change "Notes" to "Spotify" then save as type "Application" and voila, our problems are solved.



set a to "Spotify"set bid to id of application a
tell application a
    reopen -- open a new default window if there are no windows
    activate -- make frontmost
end tell
tell application "System Events" to tell (process 1 where bundle identifier is bid)
    click (button 1 of window 1 where subrole is "AXFullScreenButton")
end tell


Edit: You'll also have to allow assistive access (will be propmted to do so on first run of code).

run this in a Terminal.app to make Cmd+Return toggle fullscreen:
defaults write com.spotify.client NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add "Full Screen" "@\r"
to set up a different sequence, refer to: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20131123074223584 http://osxnotes.net/keybindings.html





Why do you make a Mac app with a fullscreen button and then neglect to stick with system-wide shortcuts? Super lame.


I'm guessing this thread gets a little less visibility cuase its categorized as new idea, but it should really be considered a bug since its absolutly an exception to 99% of mac applications and  is unexpected behavior.