Obtain MirrorLink approval

I'm about to order my next car and will be making sure it has MirrorLink enabled stereo.... SO will Spotify Gain & integrate MirrorLinkinto the Android app? I certainly hope so.


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Spotify needs to be able to work in car. For me I need MirrorLink 1.1 certification in drive mode but should also add the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Lot of 2014/2015 cars are now coming with MirrorLink 1.1 enabled headunits.


I agree. Have just received my new car with mirrorlink in it. Really to bad that Spotify does not shows as an approved app. Would be great to be able to choose playlists etc. on the stereo's much larger screen. Mirrorlink 1.1 in a Volkswagen (by the way worlds largest car producer) . 🙂


I can test a beta if needed.


+1 🙂




+1 from VW-Wolfsburg 😉


+1 Sony Z3 and new car with mirrorlink comming up!!


Samsung have aparently dropped android auto capability with the new S6 which leaves mirrorlink as the only decent way to connect the phone to a capable headunit. Seeing as I've (and I'm sure loads of others) started using Spotify for all my music now I really think getting it mirrorlink certed is a no brainer. +1 for this idea from me.

Yes, hope Spotify will be certified for driving in MirrorLink very soon! Would be awesome to be able to use Spotify properly in my new MirrorLink enabled car!