Offer Customer Support by Telephone

How about a phone number for customer service!!!

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What a bunch of BS.!

I have tried everything I can think of to stop Spotify telling me my account is being used elsehwere. It simply isn't.!!

YET as Premium customers I have to then rely on other customers to try and sort out the problems and have spent hours changing passwords, reinstalling, deleting the apps again off ALL devices and only having one on at a time but still no fix.

Not even a damned email address to contact support which is essentially non existant because a 'Community' forum where we are all without any technical help is NOT support.!

Complete and utter garbage and we are paying good money for no back up.



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 Im pissed that I cannot make a simple phonecall over a bs charge, and that there is no way to actually speak or even directly communicate with a spotify representative. as much money as Spotify makes, one would think that their Customer service department would have some kind of hotline. Unacceptable Spotify


Honestly I thoought Spotify was a pretty neat service until I had an unknown payment charged to my account and when I tried to contact them I realized that they didn´t have a contact number. I went on Pandora´s website and they have at least 2 contact numbers offering 24 hour support 7 days a week. This is making me angry because I don´t have much money left on my card and the fact that they charged me without a warning email or anything is bull**bleep**. Any service that allows to keep track of your money monthy should always have a contact support hotline... Plus, the whole ¨ You have to wait 24-hours and we´ll get back to you via EMAIL" Is total nonsense. Also, I was not aware of this student discount which I would of gladly paid instead of the full premium, but I don´t have any money TO PAY FOR IT thanks to good old Spotify. I think when I get paid I´ll be switching to Pandora next month paying their $5 price. Thanks Spotify. You´re a real help... :l


What is the **bleep**ing phone number!?! Your charging me twice a month 1 from my checking account and 1 from Paypal! What's the PHONE NUMBER , AAAAAAHHHHHHHH 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


By far the worst customer service from any company that I have ever used in my life !!!


I demand to know what your bleeping customer service number is. In Canada it is unlawful to take payments by credit or bank debit without contact numbers for support. I'm launching a complaint with the better business Bureau and seeing what the RCMP can do. You're a holes.


Dacht tea starten, lid geworden van familie, gelijk geld van de rekening maar de 4 kids kunnen er geen gebruik van maken! Die krijgen de melding dat dat ze geen lid kunnen worden van Family want ze zijn al lid???

Dit gebeurd als ze op de uitnodiging klikken op hun mail account.

Wat is dit voor ballen tent! Hoe kunnen we allemaal gebruik maken van het reeds betaalde family account???


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How can I talk to a customer service

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How we can speak to customer service