Official statement

Status: Case Closed
Spotify staff should make an official broad multi spread statement about the problems since the update

A Spotify employee will be making an announcement about missing features in the community soon.


I will try to remember to reply back here and link to it. 

Status changed to: New Idea

Update: A Spotify employeee posted an official announcement here:


Why is there still no option to change your installation folder? It's such a basic function and now that Spotify's version is 1 it should finally be implemented.

Why would you remove features that are necessary? (Not being able to move the Spotify cache is the worst idea one can have)


Ok Marco, so what id like to know is;


-when will the planned update we've been reading about in the forum (to fix some of the issues) be released, and which fixes will it include?

(and 'soon' or that kinda stuff is not an accaptable answer!)

-why where those functions completly removed to begin with?

-will any of the features which arent planned for the next update be reïncarnated/patched in yet another update or will we never ever see them back?

-and why, after A and B test, re some basic features still missing after the update?


Edit: I'd also like to suggest the staff reads all (at this moment 51 pages) of comments to fully grasp the necessity of getting functions back (tho i'm pretty sure they won't do it)


*Link fixed.


Hej timmie_1606, the link you posted isn't working for me. Could you give a another version because I would really like to take a look at that thread?


For me, I am very disappointed with the turn out of the new Spotify desktop app within its newest version. Pre-dated updates already took a turn to the worst but now this has reached its climax. I was going to prolong my premium payments, but after I saw what happened to the design and configuration settings I will probably have to look out for another service. This is beyond disgrace.


What I would like to see in a statement? I don't want to see a statement. I don't want anyone to argue for or defend these changes. I want these changes to be reversed or adapted for the better, not the worst.


What fraction of 0.9.x functionality do you think you have provided in 1.0.1x?

Background and explanation:
Many crucial functions in the Desktop 0.9.x may be undocumented or accidental, and you may not know about them.  For example, you may not know how we use workarounds to do the following crucial functions of 0.9.x every day.


  • Load the "Play Queue" with at least 60,000 tracks with a simple copy operation.
  • Load additional user-selected tracks at any position in the "Play Queue" selected by the user.
  • Restart Spotify desktop with the last track in play in the previous session ready to restart where the play quit.
  • On restart of Spotify, reload the "Play Queue" with all of the up to 60,000 unplayed tracks that had been loaded to the "Play Queue" in the previous session.

Just as examples, we have not found workarounds in 1.0.1x to do the above very crucial functions of 0.9.x-- so the above functionalities give 1.0.1 a zero for four.  Those are just examples to clarify the following question that we ask.

What fraction of 0.9.x functionality do you think you have provided in 1.0.1x?



What exactly are you people doing all day?


Jim: "How can we make our second-grade user-interface even more annoying to our users?"

Kelly: "I know! Let's remove all basic search and sorting possibilities you find in any other decent user interface!"

Patrick: "Great idea Kelly, and while we're at it, let's remove the possibility to resize columns as well, every UI can do it so why should ours?"

Janet: "And maybe move the waiting list to some miniscule icon somewhere, that should really make them scream out of frustration?"

Kelly: "Yeah plus make it a lot slower than it used to be, people love that!"

Jim: "Great work people, these are exactly the creative ideas I expect from you, keep up the good work!"


Add to the official statement an answer to why the track list was removed from the folders. Or even better, bring the track-list view back.


Fix the Play Queue so you can drag and drop tracks into the Queue list at any position you desire (like the previous version could)

On the Mac Desktop application there is a terrible lag when you attempt to move tracks up or down in the Queue - to the point of being unusable


Env: prod