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I fully understand the overall 10,000 song limit for offline use in Spotify across up to 3 devices, but I don't see why the limit must be divided amongst 3. It may seem like your providing a convenience for people with multiple devices, but it actually does the contrast. I would rather the 10,000 song limit not be divided to 3,333 for three devices, and instead have an overall 10,000 offline song limit for the entire account. This would make it much easier for people, such as myself, who only use one device.


Update (by Marco):

The discussion about assigning all 9,999 tracks to one device will continue here:

Update: This has been re-posted here.


Although I appreciate the sentiment, we can't change this in the near future. Case closed for now.


Holy puppies Batman, 3333 song limit? Darn you spotify, with your ridiculous arbitrary garbage. You just lost a long time paying customer.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Case Closed

Update: This has been re-posted here.


Although I appreciate the sentiment, we can't change this in the near future. Case closed for now.


I am very disapointed i will be spreding my disapointment, the thing is that i have realy only one playlist and that is stared,  i am perfectly willing to pay for two premiums so i would have 6666 songs on one device - that would last for a year or two of growing the stared playlist but i can not do even that 


I second this! No limt! Why should you miti users? Crazy!


I don't see a reason for the limit, all. We're already forced to connect to the online service periodically, and can sync any number of local files, so why the limitation?  To increase the frequency of ads you dont see anyways as a premium member? I'm not seeing any good responses, and frankly that bothers me. I have been subscribed for over a year now, I love this service, but I will seriously consider giving it up due to this restriction. 


wow case closed, it's really frustrating as a premium user to have this miniscule limit.

Please rase it at least for premium users.

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Yes, limiting one device to 3,333 tracks is frustrating. I use one device and like to download music before I listen. Since I'm always discovering and listening to new artists I'm always having to go back through my playlists to find stuff I can delete to make room for new tracks, even though I have over 14GB of free space on my sd card. Very annoying!
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This 3333 song limit is redicilous and I keep adding songs on my comp to playlists, but I never can listen to them on my mobile which has lots of free space. Seems the sync only takes the oldest added songs, so I never get the new ones. Soon I will buy a new mobile with even more space.
Any suggestions to alternatives to Spotify that work well on mobile?


I just want to know one thing: why?


I have a phone with 128 GB internal + 128 GB external. As soon as a 256 GB external memory card becomes available, I'll be getting it. With this odd limit of just 3 300 songs I have to fill my storage with music downloaded from sites like The Pirate Bay. Is this what the record companies want? Is this the future of legal music distrubution; limits so that people use pirated options instead? I'm really pondering on whether I should just stop using Spotify and just use Bittorrenting instead. At least then there's no limits.


I agree with everyone who thinks 3k-odd songs is a pointless, arbitrary limit on the number of offline downloads you can have on one device. I have a playlist that contains chart hits from my lifetime and several other personal favorites that contains over 4000 songs: an ideal go-to favorites list for shuffled play. Problem is, if I'm offline, which I often am if I'm driving, several songs won't play. Why the limit? My phone has ample storage, the songs are not in a form I could easily pirate even if I wanted to, and I pay for the service. Even if I was a pirate, I could just pirate them in blocks of 3333. Thus policy seems to disadvantage legitimate users and has no practical anti-piracy facility. So, Spotify...why?

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