Offline Song Limit per Device

I fully understand the overall 10,000 song limit for offline use in Spotify across up to 3 devices, but I don't see why the limit must be divided amongst 3. It may seem like your providing a convenience for people with multiple devices, but it actually does the contrast. I would rather the 10,000 song limit not be divided to 3,333 for three devices, and instead have an overall 10,000 offline song limit for the entire account. This would make it much easier for people, such as myself, who only use one device.


Update (by Marco):

The discussion about assigning all 9,999 tracks to one device will continue here:

Update: This has been re-posted here.


Although I appreciate the sentiment, we can't change this in the near future. Case closed for now.

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Great idea. It would be good to have Spotify Premium in laptop fully downloaded for music without interruptions, sometimes inetrnet connections can be slow in mobile network 😞

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I only use spotify on my ipod. £10 a month to only have what would be considered a small selection for offline mode is pretty unfair

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LOL i have 17,000 songs in my itunes library. i can listen to them whenever i want without an internet connection.

Agree, I don't have space on my phone 3,333 songs, aside from that I use my laptop predominantly. It would be much better if i could distribute the 10,000 songs across devices as I choose.

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Agree,good idea, let us choose for ourselfs how we distribute the songs over our divices


I really have my own playlist of 700 songs. Plus a few playlists of popular radiostations 200+songs. And ofcourse my own playlists of different artists inexample Rammstein which is 70songs. With old version of Spotify I could sync all my music offline on Android. I've got a 32Gb memory card so it will fit just nicely.. I want to sync more than 3333 songs to my phone. Neverhad any problem until the last upgrade of Spotify.. I'm really disappointed.. 


This idea is also very important to me.  I would like one playlist of 10,000 songs to be available offline on my iPhone.


Another reason why I'm considering an alternative to Spotify.  They finally put out a functioning Android app then this happens.  3,333 songs is not that much.  It's too bad that other options, like Rdio, have other inherent faults.

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I just came to my limit on my phone. I seriously believe the is ridiculous. I may have to look elsewhere for another service like Google Music All Access which has no limit still. Spotify if you are listening, please give us more offline tracks, it is not fair, especially since I use AT&T which STILL has no unlimited plan.

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