Offline playlist to iPod synchronisation for Premium subscribers

I would find it very much usefull to be able to synchronize offline playlists to my iPod for on-the-road listening.


I find it quite dissapointing that I couldn't synchronize offline playlists with my iPod since that's the only mobile music player I will use when on the move.


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It'd be rather difficult to introduce this at present. Currently, our Spotify applications would require to connect to our servers at least once every 30 days, to ensure that the Premium subscription is still up and running. With devices that cannot connect to the internet, it's difficult to ensure that someone still has a Premium subscription with just the files alone. However, we never like to rule anything out...

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Understandable. I guess it would require Apple Inc. to willfully integrate some way to keep those mp3's locked to a Spotify premium subscription.

Anyway I will keep an eye out for this feature.


I completely support the point by MrTomTom.

I downloaded spotify and was amazed instantly. I knew I would like to make use of the premium account and went for it right away.

After discovering that my ipod did not have any of the offline files I had to cancel my subscription. I am sorry but I don't see the point of having offline files if I can't transfer them to all of my devices. My iPhone and MacBook always have internet connection so I don' t need a premium account for them. It's that easy.

I hope you will fix that soon and as soon as you do I would even pay more than just 10€ per month for that service.




I too am extremely disappointed that iPods are not supported with Spotify offline playlists. As 'classified' said above, I purchased Premium not only to have slightly higher audio quality, and no adverts, but to be able to USE it with portable devices - not everyone has an iPhone...


I'm currently debating whether to cancel or not now also. If I have to buy all the files on Spotify to be able to transfer them to my iPod, I might as well continue to use iTunes instead and cut out Spotify altogether...


Hope this gets discussed/sorted by Spotify in the future.

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Same here. I bought the premium account, because it seemed to be very easy to have all of the music i like with me, all the time.

For sports i'm using an iPod Shuffle, because its lightweight and has a good battery performance. I don't want to take my heavy smartphone with me while jogging.


Maybe its posible to create an iPod Firmware, wich requieres sync with Spotify e.g. after 1000 minutes played music, to check if there is still an active premium account, otherwise it locks the iPod until it's synced with Spotify again or synced with iTunes and original Firmware.


Hope you'll find a way..


I agree with the above posters. As cool as Spotify is, it really is of limited use if it can only be used on my computer.


I don't see the thirty days thing being much of an issue. Anyone who uses spotify songs on their ipod is going to be using spotify regularly to update their ipod surely. I guess someone could theoretically never check in again and keep those songs on their ipod, but what's the point in that? They'd get sick of those songs eventually...


Anyway, very disappointed about this feature lacking. Probably means it's not worth me being a premium member.



I am new to this community forum and not sure the best place to post a comment/question as couldn't immediately see a 'post new topic' button (it might be more obvious to others).


I don't know if this is the same issue, but I managed to download a couple of playlists from Spotify to listen offline on my iphone under the 30 day premium trial. This was fantastic as this is exactly what I want from Spotify, and I'd be happy to pay the small charge per month for premium service, and even a little more. But what i found later was that I incurred horrendously expensive charges and ended up using about $50 in just one day on my vodafone prepay account.  


So I haven't opted for a premium account on that basis.  I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong but am reluctant to venture further with this, still have a lot of days left of my 30 day trial but can't afford expensive streaming costs or whatever it was i was paying for.   


I'd appreciate knowing if this is a similar issue or if there's something I need to do differently to listen offline without expensive charges.


On the plus side I love having Spotify, waited a long time for it to come to NZ, don't find the ads all that intrusive and a small cost to pay for free access to mega loads of music. Would just like to be able to do more with it.




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Hi there,


Another one in support of what people are saying here.  


Spotify Premium has been great while I am at my desktop.  I do a fair bit of driving and want the offline playlists to work with the ipod so I can access the playlists and control things using my car controls.  I wouldn't mind if the files were encrypted or required a connection to the internet within 30 days to remain active.  


It's gotten to the point where I am now actively looking at alternatives to Spotify that can do this for me.  





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One more to the guys have above written. I tried Spotify and updated to the Premium exactly to get the tracks offline available also. As wragh wrote - for sports you don't take your phone but rather an iPod Shuffle - but it's not possible to copy the non-bought files there. Even worse, it is not even possible to buy songs on Spotify (though I have the Premium subscription). I don't know because I'm in Austria or this is in general, but this makes basically impossible for me to get the files to my iPod even if I wanted to buy them...


Advertising that you can sync your offline playlist on all of your devices is a lie in this form and actualy deceiving the consumer! It should be possible to put on an "expiration date" on the files on your iPod that need to be docked within 30 days to your computer to sync again - thus ensuring you still have the premium abo...


I'm at the moment also hesitating to keep the subscription as currently I need to use iTunes parallel to Spotify...