On BT disconnect stop playing (Android App)


Playing music with spotify through A2DP Bluetooth Audio.


Current behaviour:

When the BT connection is terminated, it keeps playing.



Stop playing when BT connection is terminated.

  • a2dp
  • Android
  • bluetooth
  • BT
  • stop

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Tech information for solution:


There you get the event of connection/disconnection:​





After testing the preview for ICS... IT SUPPORTS AUTO STOP ON DISCONNECT :))))

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In the current Version this works already. I would like to add another Idea:



A2DP Bluetooth Audio connection is going to be established.


Current behaviour:

When the BT connection is established, nothing happens.

The user has to start Spotify, select a playlist and a song to start playing.



Automatically resume last at last played position and start playing.



Currently I sit into my car. After about 3 minutes of driving, bluetooth audio connection will be established. Then I have to start playback while driving... which is a bit risky!
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