Option to INCLUDE ads on premium

Yes, i know this is an odd question.


But is it possible to add a checkbox to enable ads on the premium service (with the option to fast forward through them of course). Oddly, i miss hearing them.


Often they contained info and artists i wouldn't have listened to normally. In talking to a friend of mine that also uses spotify, it's one of the reasons he's hesitating going to premium.


I've considered creating a second Facebook account and sharing all my playlists to it so i can listen to music with ads, but it seems like such a huge hassle. Anyway, odd odd request i know.


Love the service, even though there are bugs here and there.

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I was thinking the same thing. I don't watch TV and only hear about new artists and products though spotify. I would endource an option to renable adverts in spotify premium. 

I also enjoy the job updates and spotfy news that i don't get on my premium account.



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That is a strange request, but I know where your coming from with it. I too miss ads when I'm on premium :)



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Although this idea has been suggested first, I'd like to merge it with a slightly more popular idea here:


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