[Other] Bring back 'Report Explicit Content' option

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This is urgent. I listen with my daughter, and up until early January 2021 there was always a Report Explicit Content option. This has now been removed - why??


It has been removed on my iOS and my desktop.


I just came off a chat with 'John D' who said "the button for reporting explicit content has been removed as test is being run". Well by all means run a test for a few hours or even days, but not a MONTH.


This is not acceptable. A lot of songs which have not been flagged for explicit content are now playing, despite me having disabled explicit content in settings. But there is now no way to flag explicit content.


You need to reinstate this feature ASAP!

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Hi guys, here is a fresh idea that Spotify can't bring to life without our help here – how about we introduce an option to report explicit content via the desktop app? This has been discussed here https://community.spotify.com/t5/Android/Explicit-Content-and-Can-t-Report/td-p/4758658 extensively, but apparently they are worried that this option might offend the minorities, appear not politically correct or just might be not useful. Or maybe some other reason. Let's prove them wrong.


Good idea

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I really like this idea; I know that this feature used to exist in the past, and I ended up creating this profile specifically so I could add my input on this idea. I've never heard any complaints about this feature being controversial, and I think its benefits to users probably outweigh the costs. I'm a DJ at my university's radio station, and I constantly run into the issue of accidentally playing or almost playing music over the air that uses explicit words, yet is not marked so. I'm sure this issue comes up for people in other situations, too, and would definitely be worth bringing back. I think people would prefer to have an option to report explicit songs that don't have the label, and users in general would benefit from having more songs marked explicit as a result- especially those who use the explicit content filter or other similar strategies. 


I have trouble understanding why this was removed in the first place. People wanted to help report explicit lyrics, either so they could avoid swearing/lewd themes coming up in their songs or so they could prevent those songs from being played at certain times or with certain company.


It worked for a while, but it seems to have been removed in favor of the "I don't like this song" option. That has it's benefits and all, but I don't think it completely covers all the bases. There is clearly a problem of songs not having the explicit tag, even if there is clearly swearing in the song. Blocking the song completely works for some people, but there are others that want to be able to play those songs in certain settings.


Lets say for example, you have a good workout playlist, but some of the songs are explicit and aren't tagged as such. Since they aren't tagged properly, the "Filter Explicit Songs" option that they added doesn't get rid of those ones, so you can't exactly take it to the park to play basketball or play it in the car with kids around.

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For now, we suggest you follow the steps here under Broken or incorrect content, if you come across a track that you think should be marked as explicit, to report it. Just keep in mind that explicit tags are the responsibility of the rights-holders and we won't be able to confirm if or when your specific request will be resolved.


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I just can't understand Spotify's resistance to this. What are the downsides to having the ability to report explicit lyrics or cover art?? 

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Absolutely agree. This suggestion seems to have been around since 2016, and the ability to do it has come and gone. Surely it cannot be that difficult to implement. 


You listen to a song, it contains explicit content, so you'd like to help out yourself and the rest of the Spotify community by flagging it. It will literally take 1 "moderator" a few mins(depending) on the length of the song to verify and implement the actual Explicit TAG.

It is not difficult to implement in the slightest. And the function was available until January.

Spotify need to come clean about the reason for their neglect. My belief is that it can only be money related. Either they can’t be bothered to staff it, or they think that more E flags = fewer streams 😡

There are also many songs that have been around for years containing explicit lyrics that have not even been flagged E. Baffling and upsetting.