PDF Receipts by email

Dear Spotify,


I would like to receive regular PDF receipts by email. I have so many online purchases and subscription and I am starting to loose overview. When I purchase goods in a shop I get given a receipt straight away, which I can file, so why don't you provide this online? If people do not want to receive them they can opt out, but I do think you should give me this option on your website.


Every month I spent boring hours login in to various websites and manually downloading or printing the receipts to pdf.


I know this issue has been raised before, but I think this option should not be based on popularity, I think as a business you should be obliged to do this.


Kind Regrads


Hello @Picture_Plane and welcome to the community!
A similar idea has already been suggested here: Option for Automatic Receipts by Email
Please leave your comments/kudos there to support the idea! 🙂

Status: Duplicate