[Partnership] Bring back Hulu with Spotify Premium

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The deal is so cool so please bring it back. One of the best offers that Spotify was able to come up with.

Updated on 2022-01-18

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I had this deal until yesterday morning, when Spotify cancelled it on me with no notification or warning. The only thing I can think of is that my credit card on file expired, and I updated it and renewed Spotify the same day I got the email. This was a tremendous benefit of Spotify and I'd love to get it back, or at least get an explanation of why I lost it.


I had to update my credit card and lost Hulu, I feel like I am getting punished for staying with Premium service. Come on, I chose Spotify over other services due to Hulu! 


@Dana23, I wasn't sure what did it. If it happened to you also when you updated your payment method, I think there will be a lot of dissatisfied people in the next year or so. Spotify should get ahead of this and restore the service before they **bleep** off a whole bunch of their customers.


I was just looking around to see how long we'd be grandfathered in if we already have the premium Hulu bundle and found your comments here. For you that lost yours - had it been exactly a year since you signed up or some other random number of months? And did your payment fail before you updated your card or were you updating it proactively?


The option to listen to the music you love and watch the shows you love, in one great package, was really a dream. I would love for there to be an extension of the Premium + Hulu offer! Not only for myself but my son as well, whom also benefited from the offer.


I suddenly lost my hulu with sootify premium. Where did it go and how do I get it back? 


I had a subscription to the Spotify Premium, with Hulu, and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! PLEASE bring it back at the rate it was, (IF FOR NO ONE ELSE), the current subscribers, that were partaking in this great Package.

Thank you.


I have had this deal since it first became a thing and was paying for spotify long before the deal was available then my card gets hacked, i updated my payment info right away and now i no longer have hulu. seems pretty sh**** to me that im being punished because some a-hole hacked my card as well as these other fine folks that updated their info and got punished for it. you need to make this right.


It makes no sense with the already low price for students includes Hulu and the ones paying full premium price doesn’t. What happens when they graduate? It’s just going abruptly change into a higher price with a service taken away? It seems that Spotify is taking the convenient route, which is leading me to soon end my business with them. 

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