[Partnership] Bring back support with Djay

Spotify is not continuing support with djay or other 3rd party apps for some reason! Please vote to bring this back a lot of people can’t afford to get another streaming service and Spotify. We are used to using Spotify and know how to work it! No one wants to have to get another service and try to figure out how to work it! Plus most people have spent a lot of  money on a mixer that’s compatible with djay. I got one of the cheapest options the pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGo4 for $400 at the time and now I can’t even use Spotify with it! SPOTIFY PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!! WE NEED 500 VOTES FOR THEM TO CONSIDER IT!!!

Spotify changed it back from good suggestion to new idea again so we might have a chance!!!

Updated on 2021-08-24

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We thank you for all the votes and support. We've discussed this idea and your feedback with the relevant team and while it is interesting, we aren't able to prioritize it. 


If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.


I would pay more per month for a DJ license instead of a PRO license... Or partner with DJpro and exclude mixing of simultaneous tracks in their software... Pretty sure there are ways around instead of just killing it.


I already switched over to Tidal and it is awful compared to Spotify. Please bring back support with Algoriddim. It was a silly move to not have them.


Please please keep this feature.. it is the only reason why I spent $60 on this application... 


For real -- i got the app just to do this -- i would even pay 5 bucks extra a month on spotify which i already pay for to be able to use it with another app i paid for. if you really care about artists, allowing for more creativity will only let your platform become even bigger.

Music Fan

Family and casual listening through smartphones is where the money is at. That's where they are going. Everything ells is getting scraped off. 


Moving to Tidal because of this, maybe weill be back when this is fixed...

Music Fan

Spotify, please, could you answer your community without telling them to vote for some ideas you already have ?

At least, try to find a solution.

You cannot abandon your users like this.

You launched a great innovation for DJs all around the planet. It’s huge !

Don’t leave it, don’t leave us...


It's incredibly frustrating to see the partnership end like this. 


I used it as a resident dj in the past for a small bar in Manchester.


I've been looking for a new controller and have just found out this will no longer work.


As it's already developed, can't you just leave it running rather than take it off completely? If not, an explanation as to why you have decided to disable the feature would be helpful.


You are the market leaders for a reason. Spotify is incredible and having the capability to mix using Spotify is a game changer for me and everyone else who's commented on this thread. 


Please listen!




Bring it back pleeeease!


So let me get this straight. Spotify has closed off its API to Djay while at the same time closing off support to transfer playlists out of it? Not happy about this at all. If you're going to cut off something that made Spotify super useful and fun, at least come up with your own alternative first. This is some lame petty business first, community last behavior.