[Partnership] Bring back support with Djay

Spotify is not continuing support with djay or other 3rd party apps for some reason! Please vote to bring this back a lot of people can’t afford to get another streaming service and Spotify. We are used to using Spotify and know how to work it! No one wants to have to get another service and try to figure out how to work it! Plus most people have spent a lot of  money on a mixer that’s compatible with djay. I got one of the cheapest options the pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGo4 for $400 at the time and now I can’t even use Spotify with it! SPOTIFY PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!! WE NEED 500 VOTES FOR THEM TO CONSIDER IT!!!

Spotify changed it back from good suggestion to new idea again so we might have a chance!!!

Updated on 2021-08-24

Hey everyone,


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We thank you for all the votes and support. We've discussed this idea and your feedback with the relevant team and while it is interesting, we aren't able to prioritize it. 


If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


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I used this integration daily since it was launched. Very unhappy I've purchased Tidal and Sound Cloud subscriptions as backup but frankly prefer spotify if it is an option I'm unlikely to maintain 3 subscriptions but will continue using the DJay app. I'd happily pay a premium (within reason) for support. I don't understand why triggering the stream from within a different app can't be supported at worst with an extra fee.  


There’s no need to explain that none wants to use other streaming services to djay since they are useless, so everyone will start downloading music again illegally same as back in 90’s and 00’s.... 😉

Please bring back Spotify to Algoriddim! It’s already being though enough this year 


I also want to know the reason why ??? I havent still found on internet...

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I'm going for Tidal too, with the family, but spotify would still be my choice, if they restore the partnerships with the DJ world.

I love consolidation, not more fragmentation ... 


Please lets not cut spotify support in third party apps like djay pro. Why you put it open in the first place? Lets rethink Spotify. Get your dj-users back 


Come on Spotify, don't become evil. I've been a Pro customer for ten years, WOULD PAY MORE to keep this integration working with DJPro. But I will take my money elsewhere if you don't want it.


Closing the api without any explanation - wow thanks 

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Make sure you guys share because we need at least 500 votes for them to at least consider it!!!

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Come on Spotify !

You initiated a game change every DJ expected. Don’t you realize it ?

Do we need to make an event in front of your doors to be listened ?