[Partnership] Bring back support with Djay

Spotify is not continuing support with djay or other 3rd party apps for some reason! Please vote to bring this back a lot of people can’t afford to get another streaming service and Spotify. We are used to using Spotify and know how to work it! No one wants to have to get another service and try to figure out how to work it! Plus most people have spent a lot of  money on a mixer that’s compatible with djay. I got one of the cheapest options the pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGo4 for $400 at the time and now I can’t even use Spotify with it! SPOTIFY PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!! WE NEED 500 VOTES FOR THEM TO CONSIDER IT!!!

Spotify changed it back from good suggestion to new idea again so we might have a chance!!!

Updated on 2021-08-24

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Exactly the same for me sssetz.  Maybe subscriptions are not so expensive to keep both; a little bit of inertia here. 
I don’t consider Spotify has a great interface, neither Tidal does too. 
You got right to the point when you mentioned curated playlists. As a DJ you know it is all about them, and they certainly are a stronghold for Spotify from an user point of view. 
DJs miss for sure BPM and KEY tagged on the files metadata.

So i believe that when Tidal provide us both features we will not be missing Spotify so much. 
Don’t you think the truth is we were used to Spotify?


Sad, only 229 votes! It seems that we are clearly not enough "cloud DJs"... too many remain with vinyl... or CDs or with USB sticks    😜

We are far to reach 500 votes and then Spotify devs to re-implement... this would takes years...


To answer with my young "experience" on Tidal:

It is true that currated playlists at Spotify are good, I liked to discover new artists and tracks in the electronic musics (techno/house/etc). Yes, I already write in past tense... 🙂

I personnaly find inspiration when listening other beloved DJs' mixes on Mixcloud (for instance listening John Digweed's show for new releases...).


Yes I noticed that tracks had no key / BPM info displayed in Djay, but hey this was just the time before that Djay loads the track from tiday and then this info is displayed!


I still want this feature.  I still cannot live without it.

Music Fan

Don’t follow Spotify with their 500 votes. It is just a joke they want us to go in.

They know that DJs community want to use music by streaming.

It is obvious !

They would not even have started Spotify if they were still waiting their 500 votes..


When i mean curated playlists i say it precisely for USER curated playlists, which are not available in Tidal. 
Another remarkable Tidal feature we must not forget to mention is the video section. We can load and mix them just as we are working with audio files. It works pretty amazing!


Please re-integrate Spotify with Algoriddim dJay Pro!


I have no idea why Spotify would remove itself from DJ mixing software. DJ streaming is the future, Spotify is the default, premium product for most. Removal dilutes you profile and kudos. Sort out the licensing and move forward, not backwards. This makes you look reactionary and scared, not a future proof solutions company. 


How can you put this as a new request as it's an old unsupported feature????!!!! Wth are you thinking?? Buying a new expensive house in Stockholm or NY?? if Spotify will survive is dependent on the users and our old best friend The Pirate Bay! GL 


I am still really annoyed about this - especially as there has been no justification for it from Spotify's end.

I am going to cancel my subscription soon and move to a service that offers integration.

With Spotify's recent price increase I am struggling to justify the cost when I can move elsewhere and get more features.

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Updated on 2021-05-20

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