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[Partnership] Fitbit with Spotify

Status: Case Closed

Hi Spotify, 


I think it would be really neat to connect Fitbit and Spotify. That way, when I am listening to an audiobook, or anything, on Spotify as I'm going to sleep, there will be a note of where I was in my audiobook when I fell asleep. I know Fitbit doesn't track sleep under an hour but it will tell you what time you went to sleep once you sleep for more than an hour. So while it would be most ideal for the audiobook/music to stop playing as soon you fall asleep, the way that Fitbit works, the next best thing would be to note what time in a track I was in so I don't have to search what I last remember hearing of the story.


Also if I could look at my Fitbit to see what song is playing that would be cool.



Updated on 2020-06-25

Hi everyone,

we don't have any plans to implement this at this time, so we're closing it for now.

If something should change we'll come back and provide an update.

Status changed to: New Idea
Updated: 2017-02-26

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. πŸ˜‰


I second the motion.

 Yes please!

This is an awesome idea. I look forward to see Spotify implementation on Fitbit ionic.


Fitbit Ionic would be much better with Spotify on it!


Support for Fitbit OS with App for the Fitbit Ionic is a must πŸ‘


good idea, also Fitbit Ionic could use Spotify instead of Pandora service


Spotify in Fitbit Ionic would be very great! 


Please 😢


Please add Spotify to the Ionic! My charge hr has just died (again) and am wanting to get the ionic tomorrow on launch day, but would love to know if your going to support the new hardware from Fitbit? Is there anything in the pipeline at least so I know if I'm buying into it that it will be a possibility? 


Come on Spotify - If you are an iphone user there is no good solution if you also want a fitness watch for sport with spotify downloadable music. Samsung would be good but they have IOS connectivity issues so only good if you are on andriod phone, Fitbit use Pandora not Spotify and TomTom have no options, even Apple watch (which doesnt do fitness as well) doesnt have Snowy working. You guys need to crack this quick or Pandora or Apple Music will eat your lunch. I'm now thinking about switching to Apple Music if you cant sort this quick.