[Partnership] Fitbit with Spotify

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Hi Spotify, 


I think it would be really neat to connect Fitbit and Spotify. That way, when I am listening to an audiobook, or anything, on Spotify as I'm going to sleep, there will be a note of where I was in my audiobook when I fell asleep. I know Fitbit doesn't track sleep under an hour but it will tell you what time you went to sleep once you sleep for more than an hour. So while it would be most ideal for the audiobook/music to stop playing as soon you fall asleep, the way that Fitbit works, the next best thing would be to note what time in a track I was in so I don't have to search what I last remember hearing of the story.


Also if I could look at my Fitbit to see what song is playing that would be cool.



Updated on 2020-06-25

Hi everyone,

we don't have any plans to implement this at this time, so we're closing it for now.

If something should change we'll come back and provide an update.

Me too! I am using my phone with Spotify but the simpler the better. I
put some music on the watch in case I go for a run, so I can still ditch
the phone 🙂

I am loving the watch though, The HR is working perfectly and that is most
important to me.

Adding support for the ionic would be incredible.  


I need this on my ionic pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I have a Fitbit Ionic and Pandora and Apple Music are the only available music apps. I would love to add Spotify to this list so I can listen to my playlists while I run.


wow!!! this is such a great idea!!


Yes please!!!


 This is the perfect use for Spotify. Most people use the music streaming service when they run. Running with a phone is difficult and it would be pretty easy (from a development point of view) to build an app for the Fitbit ionic.


The app would require you sync once a day to verify an active membership. Syncing would also allow you to update or change your playlist.


I'd be happy to help with the development. Please let me know if you want some free programming.


Guys, how much work is it to make a basic app for the Ionic? People only use it during activities, so only basic feutures required. Thanks!

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PLEASE make this happen