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[Partnership] Payments with Verge (XVG) Cryptocurrency

Status: Case Closed

Hello all,


My name is Dan and I am a volunteer for Verge Currency. I am reaching out to you today to suggest about and request a formal evaluation of our currency in hopes that you find it a suitable fit to your platform.


We are extremely excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Mindgeek, a privately held company that owns and operates over 85% of all the adult entertainment industries websites and applications. As we have seen with past events in history, what the adult entertainment industry adopts – The world adopts. The adult entertainment industry has paved the way for many huge innovations such as the popularizing of VHS tapes, the internet as we know it today, Virtual reality and now cryptocurrency. Some quick facts on how this partnership is going to affect Verge Currency’s market exposure:

  • Mindgeek has 115,000,000+ Daily visitors spread throughout their network of web properties and an average of 3,000,000,000 ad impressions served to dozens of millions of daily visitors.

With all that being said – Establishing this partnership will inevitably ensure a massive increase in demand for a direct way for consumers to be able to purchase VERGE/XVG direct with their Credit, Debit and Bank accounts.

Below you will find a list of helpful resources to aid in your determination of our currency:


I do hope you find this suggestion to be important and note that we are scouring the internet to find any and all available resources at our disposal to ensure that consumers will be able to take advantage of our new found partnership and the benefits it entails.


This is a monumental accomplishment for cryptocurrency in general and chance to expose hundreds of millions of new users to cryptocurrency. There is no time like the present to jump on this huge business opportunity.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Updated on 2018-05-30

Hi folks, thanks for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Community. 


We are not planning on adding any cryptocurrencies as a payment method. For that reason we are marking this as 'Case Closed'. If you have any other questions about payment methods please let us know in the Subscriptions Board of the Community.  Thank you for your understanding,


This is a solid idea.. It would be nice not to have to use a credit card to sign up for services.


Do it


This would make life so easy ! Ide buy a year sub upfront!


Pls add xvg


I would pay using verge for life for Spotify.


This will be a really nice idea, paying with credit card us old time to renew things ! 


Yes, do please accept verge as one of your payment options. I really liked spotify and really want to pay it with verge.


YESS, please add this! Make the world a better place 😄 


I'm paying with gift cards, but this would be way better!


Yeah cool, defitnely will use this payment option.