[Partnership] Pioneer's AppRadio

Rdio is already on the AppRadio, but as I personally think Spotify has the edge in this realm I think it would be great to have access to Spotify on Pioneer's AppRadio. 

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2017-05-31


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Casual Listener
Casual Listener

+ 100! 



This is the only reason I subscribe to Rdio over Spotify.  I'd drop Rdio in an instant if Spotify added support.


+100 as well. I demoed this head unit at Car Toys yesterday and love everything about it. Might be picking it up this weekend! I would LOVE Spotify support on this bad boy.


lets go devs :)


or hire me and i'll do it :)


Please get going with a spotify aintegration for appradio, is there anywhere we can push the point further?

Just got the appradio! I love it although it has it's fair share of bugs... I would love it more if spotify will be supported in the near future! Till then I will cancel my subscription to it and just do the free version untill they show up on appradio. For now I'll subscribe to Rdio.

I just had the appradio2 installed and while it has its bugs, I thought I would have access to Spotify which is why I got rid of my older Pioneer AVIC deck. I am a premium subscriber Spotify and REALLY hope I stay that way... I did subscribe to RDIO but prefer Spotify over all streaming apps!


Having been using stereo bluetooth to stream music from my cell phone for the last 6 years, I was more than a little disappointed in the Pioneer AppRadio 2 not supporting this basic feature. WAZE added support for external displays on Android to support the AppRadio 2. Spotify could win over all AppRadio 2 owners by simply adding this as a feature.