[Partnership] Roon partnership please

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I know in the past  Spotify partnering with Roon has failed however I feel having the ability to listen to Spotify through Roon would fully complete mine and I'm sure several people's needs having these two wonderful applications integrate. Please reconsider allowing this to happen.

Updated on 2021-05-20

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Oh YES please, I am a Roon user, cancelled my Spotify account because it was not supported, and currently have Tidal HiFi subscription and Qobuz on trial.  Spotify would have a place because of its huge library.

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Updated on 2019-05-10

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I actually can not believe Spotify is not supporting Roon. Spotify's high quality streaming feature via Roon would definitely bring a whole new audiophile community to Spotify. 


I would subsribe to Spotify if it could be integrated into Roon. I had Spotify subscription, droped it and moved to Tidal because of Roon. 


Spotify + Roon would be so excellent.


Spotify's UI is absolute garbage, every time they redesign the look functionality is lost and things get worse. Spotify's app development is a decentralized mess, seriously inconsistent across different platforms; the Android TV app is hands down the worst offender though, its a **bleep** nightmare. 


Spotify connect is serviceable but I still end up needing to restart devices and apps half the time to get things rolling. 


Roon takes everything I dislike about Spotify and makes it near perfect. The UI is functional and gorgeous. The metadata processing is top-tier. Roon's handling of output devices is exemplary. Roon has very granular settings for just about everything without it being a cluttered, confusing mess. The only downside is you need to provide your own music or use Tidal/Qobuz; I've tried both but their respective catalogs just are not quite as complete as Spotify's, even if they are hifi and in some areas more extensive. 


I don't have high hopes for Spotify agreeing to work with Roon, but I have an even lower expectation that Spotify can make their interface even half as nice as Roons.





I love music. I love Spotify. I love Roon though too. Roon is the best platform for music enthusiasts to listen on their home Hi-Fi systems and Spotify is the best platform for streaming music everywhere.


As my household gravitated more toward using Roon, we decreased our use of Spotify to the point that I decided to cancel our Spotify Premium subscription recently due to the lack of Roon support. I would resume my Spotify Premium subscription again in a heartbeat if it were available on Roon. 




With ITunes shutting down and Apple Music gaining ground Spotify needs to up its game. I have Spotify for years now and I'm overall statisfied.  While I don't own Roon yet I want to. Its everything the ITunes interface should have been.  I can't understand with Tidal on board and a worldwide closing in race with Apple Music that Spotify wouldn't do 2 things to blow past all these services.

1) Lossless music option. I'd gladly pay an up charge to get releases in lossless.  Apple doesn't do it Tidal does.

2) Allow Roon in. Sure perhaps its for audiophiles but with my 2 suggestions you would have the market with us.


I feel Spotify has somewhat tried to ignore us audio enthusiasts, looking at us as an unimportant minority.  Spotify's resistance to provide lossless audio and work with Roon might however be the differential now that harder competition is on the horizon.  I've kept my Spotify subscription for my family members portable devices but when listening to audio at home or at work Tildal is the choosen tool because of their higher quality audio and Roon integration.  Now that Amazon Music offers high-res music the rope around Spotify's neck tightens.  Roon integration is part of many hifi audio streamers and streaming amplifiers and is as I see it what is and should tie the modern smart home audio together.  10 years ago people listened to music mainly through their iPhone but home quality audio is on it's way back in.  Don't be stuck in you own bubble, the world moves on and if you don't move with it you get left behind!




I've just taken out a lifetime Roon subscription. Roon has fantastic integration with Tidal, which I am now using on a 4-month promotional trial for just £1.99. At the end of that time, will decide whether to drop my Spotify subscription, right now the Roon integration is a big plus for Tidal.

While ITunes isn’t terrible Roon from what I seen is an interface on steroids! A must for the audiophile. Yet Spotify ignores it also