[Partnership] SoundCloud Integration



I think a fantastic app would be to allow artists from Soundcloud to have their music playable through spotify, added to playlists and shared.


In this day and age we have the likes of one hit wonder artists who have over stayed their welcome in the charts. (I apologise, this is merely my opinion and I'm not taking anyone's taste in music away from them) but I believe that we could bring back talent through the help of Soundcloud and other music blogging websites.


What this can achieve is beyond the expectations of many hopeful young, up and coming artists of our era. 


This is how it *COULD* work:


  1. Load up the Soundcloud app within Spotify
  2. Search for an artist whom you know to be on Soundcloud
  3. Add the artists music to your playlist, share it, listen to it, do as you please
  4. The more popular these tracks become, the more likely they are to catch the attention of important record label figures.


You can't deny talent and if an artist who is unsigned, unheard of and underground is getting 10,000 plays or so a week, that's got to be something worth checking out and that's where the new artist will grab the attention of record labels and band managers.


Just an idea, sorry if this has confused or been mentioned before!

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Please integrate Souncloud as an app or extended feature. There are many bands I listen to that only post msuic to Soundcloud. 


Soundcloud integration in Spottify would be awesome. And a great way for new bands to reach an audience.


I also it would be an interesting add on


I totally agree with TomHall

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As soundcloud is a separate service and spotify apps api does not allow playback of non-spotify content due to legal this will not come
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This would be an awesome feature, but I feel like it wouldn't jive with the contracts that spotify has with record labels... That said, I too hate having to switch back between spotify and soundcloud because some tracks aren't available.

Music Fan

It would really, really be nice. Probably the best Spotify app at all.

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Tomahawk player support several music services including spotify and soundcloud




I personally also prefer integration within the spotify desktop and mobile apps though.



I would definately request this! I myself am an artist and have songs published on soundcloud and spotify. The legal issues would be none existent if the app does NOT stream via spotify.


Let's say it was a plugin to the desktop app. You could then use it to search as you would normally, but when you come to play it, instead of spotify having to stream it to you, the app itself could just call a URL and play it from soundcloud directly. 


Failing that, include a very basic browser in the spotify app? Legal reasons are an excuse, there just needs to be agreement between both companies in a way that satisfies them, so if soundcloud is being played through the spotify desktop app, spotify will need to ensure they satisfy the agreement soundcloud have with their customers.

That tomahwak player looks like it does it all. I may just stick with that and wonder whether I'll still be paying my unlimited spotify subscription this time next year :p

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Ok. So I've been using Spotify since the summer of 2012, its a good service. Tons of music and decent quality. But its only been used on my PC on the free version. 

On the otherhand, I'm new to the whole smartphone thing, but I have a Galaxy S3 and If you ask me what my favorite application thus far or my most used one is? it would have to be SoundCloud. The thing with Soundcloud is that, it has no bull**bleep**. it lets you FAV/LIKE the music you find appealing and automatically creates it into one long playlist. It lets you FOLLOW musicians you're interested in as well and get followed by others. Sure its a platform for independent artists to upload their "works of art" but what SoundCloud has maintained is FREE music and downloads (by user's wish)... Its a simple platform and provides a very large selection of music (again user uploaded).  My favorite thing about Soundcloud is that all my favorite EDM (House, Electro, Dubstep, Bass music, etc) musicians are on there, and they upload and update their music frequently. Spotify has music on most of the artists, that I follow on Soundcloud but what's listed are usually only EPs or mixtapes.


That being said, it would be a great addition to add a SoundCloud app that lets you listen to newly incomming tracks by the artists I already follow.

Another good feature is that Soundcloud has a music stream. A music stream that basically is a feed of all the artists' new releases. So everyday I open that app, I see new music from the musician I follow. Its awesome to discover music on. And honestly, I think I discover more music on that platform than on Pandora, Grooveshark, Rdio, Spotify, Deezer, Last.fm COMBINED. And I'm a huge audiophile and enthusiast.... So I listen to more than just Electronic, I listen to classic rock, rap & old-schoo/new hip-hop, blues, jazz, ambient music, etc. 

So with that being said, Soundcloud would be a great integration, so I can use the PREMIUM Spotify service to multi-task my music listening and discovery experience!!!