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[Partnership] Toyota Entune

Status: Case Closed

Just got a new toyota and was very disappointed to find that spotify doesn't have an app for the Toyota Entune 😞 Pandora has gotten on board and I really don't want to give up my spotify subscription but I really want it to be linked up with my new vehicle. Is there a time line for when spotify may produce an app for entune??

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks.
We wanted to post an update, since we made some changes to our ideas process.
Typically, we won't announce information about new subscription options, third-party integrations or new countries in advance.
We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience, but we don’t have any more information to share at the moment. You can still keep adding your votes, though.
The best place to keep an eye out is on the
What’s New section of our blog.

Status changed to: New Idea
Updated: 2015-11-20

Marked as new idea.


I agree! Just bought a new Camry - if there isn't a spotify app in development I'll probably cancel my subscription and switch to a Pandora One subscription.




If slacker has an app there is no excuse for no Spotify. App


New Camry, disappointed that there is no Spotify, will go with Pandora soon

No app to connect through Toyota Entune makes for a added distraction while driving


Pandora sucks compared to Spotify. I'll sell my Toyota before I use Pandora! 


Yes! Pleas spotify work with Toyota to get on Entune!


I recently subscribed to spotify premium because I was getting a toyota 4runner. I was shocked to find out that spotify is not in the Etune app suite. Can anyone confirm or deny whether spotify is working on something? There's Pandora, slacker and iHeartradio, but how amazing would it be for Spotify to be in there too. With that many toyota drivers out there, Spotify, think about how many new premium subscribers you'd pick up just by making this app? Not to mention all the people that already have it that would use it so much more and never be in danger of cancelling because of the total convenience. I really hope that it becomes compatible soon!


Please consider working with Entune. It is an added distraction to have to stream via bluetooth to my car stereo. And, I certainly do NOT like pandora or I heart radio.  If you can work with the newer Sonos suite can you not work with the older Entune suite? Please?

I just purchased a new Toyota as well. Sad to say I was let down by the lack of Spotify support in Entune. Feels like Soptify connectivity is just a step up from a tape deck adapter. The Spotify Bluetooth connectivity doesn't function well either - the software is always shut down or rebooting when connected. Quite frustrating.