[Partnerships] Google Now Integration

Please develop Google Now integration into the spotify app. I would like to be able to say "play (artist/song/playlist/radio) on spotify" I think it would be a great for working out or running becuase stopping to find an artist in the middle of a run is really annoying. Thank you for your consideration.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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That would be pretty cool actually! It needs more thumbs.




I got a Galaxy Nexus and when I say "play [artist, song, or album]" in Google Now it first searches spotify for it and then attempts to start playing it and I find it getting it right 9 of 10 times even though I never listened to that artist or song before. It totally amazed me when I discovered it yesterday, someone else conferming this? Havn't seen any news about it?


wow you're right they must have updated it. I just tried it on my Galaxy s2 skyrocket (running Cyanogenmod 10) and it worked (Asked it to play The Killers and it started playing Mr. brightside)


It seems like it only works with artists though, still lack of support for individual songs and playlists (it's a start though!)

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Hmmm... I can't get it to search any artists.. Are you talking about music that you actually own and have imported into spotify? Because I only have music from spotify and it does not recognize any artists / songs / albums. It only asks me to purchase from Google Play.


Would still love to see this integration though!


Nexus 4

Android 4.3

I had to select the app I wanted to use the first time I asked it to play an artist. But now I can say "Play Song by Artist" and it'll load automagically. Using a Nexus 5 on 4.4.2 by the way.
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Yes, I find it does work for me on a stock Nexus 5 with KitKat, although not very reliably.  If it's not working for you try entering a search by typing: e.g. type in 'play Heroes by David Bowie'.  Google Now should search online, find the track, and show you the track name with a picture of Bowie.  At that point there's a dropdown on the left-hand side where you can select Spotify if it's installed.  If you select that, and then click on the Spotify link that appears, the song should play in Spotify.


Now the next time you do a voice search if the online search finds the song it should show the same screen, wait a bit and then use Spotify to try to play it because it's the new default.


As I say it's not very reliable: Google Now doesn't always find the song and instead just shows web results, even with songs it's recognized at other times.  Even if it finds the song and hands it to Spotify then Spotify doesn't always play it, particularly if it's paused playing a previous song.  Google Now can also pass track details that Spotify doesn't understand: try getting it to play 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk, for example, and it gets confused about Pharrell Williams.  


Finally getting Android to play anything at all by voice, even with Google Play, isn't great.  This is because the voice recognition struggles with artist and song names, particularly when they're obscure or not regular words.  Good luck with getting it to even recognise 'Mercyside' by Tristania for example.


It would also be a nice thing for song recognition.

For example when you ask: "What song is this?", It not only gives you a buy option of the recognised song in google play music, but also a "Open with Spotify" optio. Maybe even an option to directly add it to a playlist.


Please add Google Now support!

I want to say "Play playlist {playlist_name}" or "Play songs from {artist}",....