[Partnerships] Google Plus Integration

Will there be a G+ integration? I'm using FB only 4 Spotify. Want a G+ integration please!

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Yes. Many could register with Gogle rather then with a Facebook. I do not have a Facebook these days, but I'm happy with my old Spotify account


I totally agree that Google+ integration would be a big bonus. Initially, I wasn't keen on social network integration at all but have come around to the idea now. It's neat to see how much more engaged I have become when discovering the music tastes of my friends and share my own vice versa.

We all know how married Spotify has become to Facebook. Some of us consider Google+ a cleaner more 'intelligent' option. Please don't back just the one horse at the races.

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I think that Facebook paid Spotify big money for this.


Hard to say, but I think that Spotify does not care about this thing anymore. One good way is these days a optional link to register with Spotify, but... who can add it? No one. I think that Facebook says to Spotify, only Facebook or no money.


@hpguru wrote:

I think that Facebook paid Spotify big money for this.

Just to say, this isn't the case. Spotify did not receive any money from Facebook for the integration.

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But if it is true, why you not provide a link to register without Facebook?


Facebook says that you are unable to use other system in register form?

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If that's the case, what the hell are you doing? Why are you restricting your userbase to Facebook users only if you aren't even getting anything in return? Is Daniel Ek really the biggest dumbass in the world to make a decision like this?


fb is for the masses, google+ is for those few friends you ACTUALLY talk to....i would much rather have a short news feed in spotify showing songs of friends i regularly talk to....google+ support would be AWESOME!

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I agree. There should be other methods of registering outside of Facebook. Believe it or not, not everyone has a Facebook. Shocking, I know.

Huge demand by me for this. Given I use Google + plus daily. 


I am using it with Facebook, but most of my friends won't use spotify because of facebook. 


They will use it if it was on Google Plus. 


Google should help them implement this. 


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Please add this to Spotify. Google+ is growing by leaps and bounds and Google+ integration is a much needed feature for me. It's by far the est social network right now. I want to:

  • sign in with my google account
  • share directly from spotify into Google+