[Partnerships] Last.fm Integration

Bring real Last.fm integration to spotify!

I loved the old last.fm app (which doesn't work in Spotify 1.x)

specifically because of all the artist info it provided and because of its wonderful

"Similar Tracks Playlist" feature,

which made a list of related songs based on your entire last.fm profile, and didn't suffer from some of the limitations of Spotify radio

(it had a huge database of tags and info to draw from, and did not present only the most popular artists and tracks in a genre).


I would love to see a pane just for last.fm, or a plugin or app of some sort. Just some way to get that functionality back! Plenty of room for new features too.




Updated on 2018-06-16


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I completely agree with Innerspectrum here. I recently bought a new computer and installed Spotify and instantly knew something was different with version 1.01. Last.fm has been pretty much wiped off. I've been a member of Last.fm for 10 years and it's the main reason I subscribe to and listen to Spotify very frequently. PLEASE integrate Last.fm into new versions and make it compatible with Last.fm's applications. I'd be willing to pay a bit more monthly for it.


Innerspectrum, just downgrade Spotify to version 0.9 and set it so it doesn't automatically update.






Even if most users don't use Last.fm just put it on there with the least amount of code possible, it's useful for the music fanatics. Did you execute the same shunning of last.fm for our PC counterparts? 


I'm also missing this. It's a lot easier to find interesting music with the help of last.fm.

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This idea requests that last.fm will be seamlessly integrated inside the Spotify apps, like for example MusiXmatch.


In agreement with all above.

Additionally, would love to be able to play my lastfm library and friends libraries through spotify (even keeping in mind that not all tracks will be available).





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I say, me too, all the above. And if not I'm continuing using spotify 0.9 till death.

I want complete last.fm integration, what the heck just buy last.fm. CBS has done nothing (but cancel features) since they acquired last.fm, spotify could easily do better. At least fetch tags, loved songs and info from them.


I wholeheartedly support this action - Spotify radio is improving, but Last Fm was still superior and I think the biographies and similar artists were too. Even if they were not, I really appreciated having a diverse ecosystem of apps on the desktop - it is far more interesting to get suggestions from different apps - for this reason I'll be downgrading as others have suggested, but I live in hope of bringing Last FM back under the Spotify roof :)




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I use the spotify desktop client under linux. If there isn't a way to tell last.fm that I like a song within the client when you move to 1.0 for linux, I'm cancelling my subscription and switching over to something else (Google's all access maybe, idk yet). Spotify is basically good at streaming music and stripping away all the functionality that other services that added value to your service was a questionable move from a ux perspective. I really hope you get the new services up and running well soon.


Me too, "need" to have the last.fm app back. I have all my favorite tracks listed there. And the last.fm radio/suggestions based on my tracks is the best I know.


I use Last.FM sice nov/2004, when it was called Audioscrobbler.

One, among  a lot of reasons, that i loved Spotify at first sight, was the Last.FM integration.... buuuut i always missed a way better integration with the data and possibilities provided by Last.FM.