[Partnerships] Samsung Gear Support

Now that the SDK for the Samsung Gear 2 has been released for 3rd party devs, I wondered what the chances of Spotify developing an app for use with the smartwatch were? I know the media controller with the original Galaxy Gear worked but limited you to only the playlist you selected in the first place. Are there any plans to build on that for the Tizen driven Gear 2?

Updated on 2018-06-16


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P.S: It has been partly implemented:




sadly the fact that this is marked as solved we wont be seeing any sort of support for the gear s2. it time to drop back down to the free version of spotify.




Maybe with the option to save the music on the Gear ! I support this idea.

Casual Listener

Spotify is the only app I'm missing on my Gear s2! Please, the Android Wear app was perfect in my eyes. I realize that it's a question of business but I'd love to see it in the Gear library too.


Please bring offline playlist to samsung gear or fit2


App for Gear S2, to save music on the gear and play it offline! Please guys


Please! as suggested before a working app in Gear s2 with the option to download playlist! PLS! very very wanted.


1000x yes


I am really confused as why this isn't an option yet. I got rid of my premium version a while ago but if I could listen on my s2 I would renew in a heartbeat.


Seeing as Milk Music is no longer... This has got to be a no brainer guys. Who will be the first to the punch, Spotify or Pandora. Being a Premium Spotify user, I would clearly hope Spotify. Being a wearable and having the offline feature is an easy way to thwart Pandora. Your app will even apeal to the Gear S2 devices that are not data capable (more so for the Premium subscription due to offline play).