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Now that the SDK for the Samsung Gear 2 has been released for 3rd party devs, I wondered what the chances of Spotify developing an app for use with the smartwatch were? I know the media controller with the original Galaxy Gear worked but limited you to only the playlist you selected in the first place. Are there any plans to build on that for the Tizen driven Gear 2?

Updated on 2018-06-16


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P.S: It has been partly implemented:




Hello 🙂

does Spotify work on Gear 2 Neo?

I'd like just play a playlist, loaded before, not live stream, during my running session.

It's possible?


Ty in advance!

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If you (Spotify) makes that app, I promise you that I would instantly go from a free user to a subscriber... It would be great to control the Spotify on the phone from the Gear 2 and get the music information shown on the watch display. Thanks in advance...
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Since this post has most of the cudos, here is my edit of how the app could be:

It could be done with this idea:

App for smartwatch that can sync with the app on the phone or tablet for you to choose what songs which will be on the watch by syncing the smartwatch app with the phone's offline or online list via bluetooth

Only one menu on the smartwatch which is the smartwatch custom playlist

one tap to play the song to play it and to bring up the mini player with pause, and next or previous song

2 taps to bring up the volume control / or to swipe sideways slowly to increase/decrease volume

swipe up to go back to the playlist



+1 from me


be even better if i didnt have to  load songs on to my  gear 2 neo one by one, spotify would make that  automatic if it can be done


I use  it both both  phone and  on its own as a music player.


Hope it happens in the future!!!!
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This is a great idea 🙂 and I really hope we can get to sync the Android app with Samsung gear 2 and gear S.


I have just read that the new Samsung gear S comes with an app for controlling playlists on Deezer.




Wearable widget, from the gear app store, lets u put the Spotify widget from your phone onto your watch.. so u can at least see the song thats playing.
I would love to use my spotify on my Gear S .... and even better in-app runtastic on my Gear S
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I want a standalone app that would be able to stream music via the sim card and store music on the Gear S, this is litterally what it keeping me from buying a Gear S! Please Spotify, listen to us and fix it 🙂


Best regards