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Now that the SDK for the Samsung Gear 2 has been released for 3rd party devs, I wondered what the chances of Spotify developing an app for use with the smartwatch were? I know the media controller with the original Galaxy Gear worked but limited you to only the playlist you selected in the first place. Are there any plans to build on that for the Tizen driven Gear 2?

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Come On Spotfy! Even if it is just for choosing the playlist. Plz!

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It's suppose to be available with the new gear s3 that's coming out.   I hope this means that for those of us who are still using the gear s and s2, an software update will be provided with this software included.   I didn't wait all this time to have to buy a new watch. 
I don't know about Gear S but I read somewhere that most of the features
and the OS update is coming for the S2 so I suppose we can hope on Spotify

Help I have downloaded spotify on my Samsung Galaxy 6 and my new Samsung Gear Fit2 and the new earbuds from Samsung but I still cannot play music without the phone close I have looked at the add a device in app but the Fit 2 doesn't appear . HELP


I'm a premium monthly subscriber to Spotify. We have 4g and LTE cell coverage here but the signal in my town is not strong enough to stream Spotify. I Rely on Downloaded playlists for offline listening. My main reason for having  a smart watch is to listen to music without my  phone. Sports aren't as fun while fumbling with a phone but I love music. What am I paying for if I don't have enough opportunity to listen to it.....Please Spotify, expand your Applications.

I don't use spotify. I tried but it just wouldn't work. I have both Google
play music and I use iTunes. Connect phone to computer and put all your
music on the Samsung music app using drag and drop and all your music will
be on your device. Also I don't pay for music doing it this way.
For those of us who have Spotify accounts, we really want to be able to
download our music to Gear. My reason for buying the Gear was so I didn't
have to carry my phone with me and I was told by ATT that I would be able
to use Spotify on it. Got locked into a year contract paying for something
that I rarely use...if I'm going to carry my phone, why bother paying for
the Gear - double payment as far as I'm concerned. I won't be renewing my
Gear at the end of the year period as I see it as a waste of money.
All you need to do is connect phone to computer transfer all music your
phone will show as a storage device just drag and drop all music to your
phone then transfer it to your Samsung gear. Tried spotify garbage and it
wasted money. don't pay for music you already have on computer. Load your
cds on computer and transfer them to phone then transfer to gear. Nothing
to it.

@lgetc1 You are missing the mark here. Those who use spotify do so to avoid the hassle of cd and digital music management. If I buy one cd a month, it is costing me more than I pay for my whole family to play whatever they want, whenever they want. And with offline playlists, there is the exact same ammount of functionality as having your own cd's and digital music. You are on the spotify forum, instructing people to go back to doing exactly what made them switch to using spotify does not solve the problem the end users here have. No disrespect meant at all, but it is not helping the thread. Side note I have used Google Play music, Pandora, Apple Music, and even used Plex to manage my music library. So I am no stranger to the other options, but none of them do what spotify does for me (or as cleanly as it does).


How is it that people that don't use Spotify and also dislike it would even be on this forum?? Am I missing something here? Also does someone have a link to a another thread about the current status update on listening to downloaded playlists offline on Samsung and Android wear smartwatches? They need to get this done with our requests in Mass numbers!