[Partnerships] Show and Control Spotify via Audi MMI

Why will spotify work through bluetooth to my Audi MMI but not transmit track names etc to the MMI???

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Kudos! Let's get this going


I'd suggest Spotify to hurry with this integrations, as far as I can see now, this is the current situation:


My Car

Has an MMI 2G High (system withouth an HDD) and has the AMI (Audi Music Interface) connected to the MMI. To the AMI I have an iPhone lightning adapter connected to my phone.


My Phone

I have an iPhone 6 with the latest software.


The Situation

If I have my iPhone 6 connected to the AMI my "Music" Library from the iPhone gets loaded and I can scroll the folders and songs. I can control the full library with my MMI controls (previous/next/play/pause/etc). If I connect my phone and start up Spotify and hit play, the music goes via the AMI/MMI and plays in the car. However: the playlist(s) get not loaded and not all controls work.



- Play / Pause

- Show current track name in the display

- Prev/Next within the current list



- Load all playlists and browse them

- Browse the current playlist

- Automatically start Spotify instead of the default Music app


I might have some mistakes up here. Last time I tries has been a few weeks ago.


I have even tried different sollutions with Jailbreak to force my iPhone to set Spotify as default player, I tried setting a bunch of playlists offline availble. No sollution works.


Why do I think Spotify needs to hurry

Well.... give it a few months before Apple launches it's own music streaming software and my guess is that everything works fine using their own Music application on the phone. Thus, I expect all music to play via the phone/AMI/MMI without any problems. I enjoy spotify very much, but I do spend some hours in my car each week, so if Apple's service works flawlessly there's a huge chance I'm switching (aswel as others having this problem I guess). I'm pretty sure the problem goes for other in-car music systems aswel concerning the iPhone Music app and the stand-alone Spotify app.


A reply would be nice to know if this features is being looked into or not.

Just the same for me with 6 plus
However when I press next it jumps out of my Spotify playlist to my iPhone music. Left to play it works fine

Tested again yesterday:


- Device connects to AMI

- Loads iTunes/Music library automatically


Spotify doesn't work at all! When I press play, the music stops right after clicking the play button.


I am in the same situation... With an Audi A6 Avant 2015 and an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.3.


I have subscribed it to follow future news!


Same situation with an A3 sedan 2015 and an iPhone 6.


Spotify must hurry to address this issue!!!!!


At the end of the month I'm going for the 3 month trial membershop of Apple Music. I'll report my findings in here during the trial period. As far as I could understand Apple Music integrates with their Music App and iTunes... thus.. if they support offline playlists this hopefully allows the AMI/MMI to read these playlists using the integrated buttons in the car.


Just a little edit: they do support offline playlists. And according to www.apple.com/music everything works with the default Music app on the iphone. Looks like a solution for at least my problem. Too bad nobody of the Spotify forum/staff/whatever replies here.

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