[Partnerships] Spotify Connect for Squeezebox

So far I've been using Triodes Spotify plugin for my Squeezeboxes but as Spotify Connect is the new kid on the block it would be really nice if Spotify could develop a Spotify Connect plugin for the Squeezebox Server / Logitech Media Server. I'd love to see my Squeezeboxes pop up in the Spotify GUI.
Logitech has unfortunately abandoned the Squeezebox concept but the community is very much alive and I'm sure there are at least a few other Squeezebox users out there who would be delighted if this would come true. There's probably not much money in it for you, but you would definitely put smiles on some faces.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Hi. I'm using squeezeboxes on raspberry pis as my own "low cost full awesome multiroom soundsystem" and would love to be able to use spotify connect with my ios devices!!! Please make this happen!!!


This would be really great!

Please do it, please, please!





Please keep an eye on our squeezeboxes. We need Spotify Connect!!!






Yes please!


Yes, that would be really nice!


/Happy squeezebox and spotify user


Please implement this feature!


Seems that the official Spotify plugin for Squeeebox Touch has given in for good, at its current appearance. It is simply unusable, keeps repeating the message "Client is too old, update the software" ("Klienten är för gammal, uppdatera programvaran", in Swedish, my installed language). Too bad there is nothing to update to, though...! So what the heck does this error message mean, in reality?


Well, I know one thing: The combo Squeezebox + Spotify was the very reason I became a Premium user, but that incentive is currently on hold...


I really could use this on my shiny new spotify premium account. I hoped I would see this on my android device as a remote device, but alas :(


Ten Logitech devices here:  Squeezebox, Squeezebox Booms, Squeezebox Touches, Smart Radio, Smart Radio UEs, plus software players on several Macs running OS X.  I use the Triode plugin but had the Spotify plugin for Logitech Media Server working until recently and preferred it.  It would be nice to have it back.