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I just bought a Ram 1500 that offers apps for Pandora, iHeartRadio, Aha, and Slacker. Are there thoughts of Spotify making an app for these vehicles? I have been thinking about returning to Slacker just for this reason but would like to know if Spotify is already working on something.

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The apps available on the screen in a vehicle have a huge impact on which service to subscribe to.  I like Spotify more but I have chosen to go with a subscription to Slacker Radio because of the built in app that can be interfaced on the screen of my 2015 Dodge Charger SRT.



great idea!!


Just DO IT



I've been waiting for years for this. I use Spotify religiously and would love for their to be a UConnect app for it!
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This is such an easy opportunity for spotify to spread their reign... People buy a new car, they sign up for the best music streaming service out there. Easy. I don't see what the holdup is, here. Do it!!!
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Also make available for the 8.4 radio as well as the 8.4a. The 8.4 doesn't have apps but Pandora and music on my phone both display artist and song title.

I will subscribe to Spotify instead of Deezer Premium because i mostly listen to music in my car...

Please support UConnect

This would be great! Please add!
Please add! Would love this is my Jeep. I've been a Spotify customer since us launch day.