Picture on Account Profile without Facebook

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I know that this is a duplicate thread, but it seems that there there is some sort of problem with the other thread, for no matter how many Kudos and comments it seems to get, Spotify do not seem to be able to see that this is a highly desired feature, regardless of the number of comments and kudos the idea is given. So if you are going to continue to ignore a large bulk o your Premium users, fine, but I am going to be particularly p****d if this idea is marked as a duplicate, whilst the original thread with well over 1700 kudos, and 44 pages of comments, is left unattended to. Perhaps when you link to the original thread in the duplicate idea status, you could actually read the comments on the other thread, and maybe change the status from 'not now' to 'under consideration'? I know it's only been 4 years since it was first created, but myself and thoudsands of other users have high hopes... BTW, why not just add gravatar support in the mean time, hell, i even found an example implementation for you guys: https://en.gravatar.com/site/implement/images/php/#highlighter_469840



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I'm so sorry, but I'll mark it as duplicate, bear in mind that Spotify staff look the threads, so it's not being ignored, they are focusing other aspects.


A similar idea was suggested here:

Picture on Profile


Please, leave your kudos/comments there.

Status: Duplicate