Pin a Playlist to the Top of the List

Using both the mobile app & my pc, I often have to fish through all my playlists to find something specific.

I have my "driving" playlist downloaded on my phone to avoid losing mobile signal whilst driving & would like to have this on top of the list but each new playlist added means it gets buried further and further down the list, meaning finding it each time takes longer.

I think a simple pin system would remedy this perfectly.

What do you think?

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-16


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Your other idea about rearranging playlist orders on mobiel has also been suggested here.

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How does this only have 11 votes??? Please. This is such a no brainer feature for anyone with over 20 playlists. 


Fantastic idea!!! 


Yes please! This is one of my most wanted features. Especially when you have friends over it often happens that people want to listen to specific songs. Showing the current waiting list on the side would allow for some easy drag and drop to add songs to the current waiting list.

Maybe make a tab window on the right for the desktop version where you can switch between friends and current playlist.


This should be implemented!  I suffer the same dilemma.  


+1!  Been running into the same problem for a while, made this Spotify Community account just so I could comment and support this idea.  If the pinning were preserved between desktop and mobile, that would be *perfect*.

At the very least let us edit and rearrange the list order. You know, basic
CRUD functionality.


This needs to happen. Right now, the only way to mark an album to listen to later is to add it as a playlist - this continually pushes down my user created/followed playlists which I'd rather have on top.

Music Fan

I find myself wanting this feature almost evey time I open Spotify.


Wish I could give this 1,000 Kudos. Or however many it takes to make an idea a reality. Please! This would change EVERYTHING!